wins the final of the 100 meters of the World Cup with 9.76

"Bolt was something else," says Angel David Rodriguez, the "bird," the fastest man in Spain for many years, speaking of the Jamaican phenomenon, whose shadow is long. But it is no more. And to retired king, king put, and favorite Chris Coleman did not disappoint. He was the one who had the best feelings, the man to beat, and responded to the pressure with a final of 100 meters in which he dominated at all times, clearly. The American left the mark at a very good 9.76, his best record ever (he had managed to run at 9.79) and the sixth fastest in history. It seems that it has room for improvement, that it can go beyond the age of 23. The silver was taken by Gatlin with 9.89 and the bronze went to the Canadian De Grasse with 9.90.

The relay was completed because if two years ago Bolt himself already gave up on the 2017 World Cup, now Gatlin has done it, which is in shape despite approaching 40 and wants to reach the Tokyo Games. "I pass Coleman!", He can be the headline. "Bolt was something else," insists the Bird. And what was Bolt? A guy of almost two meters who took advantage of his height like no one, who did not usually have a good start, but accelerated fast in the first strides and was the one who could maintain the speed for longer in the launched phase. When the rest died, he followed. The "lightning" was also pure spectacle: the gesture to the camera, the series almost passed "walking," the noise when it reached the stadium, as if saying: "I'm here." Coleman is quieter. A shy boy, of faith, very religious. Suspicious also the last times for having skipped three doping controls. At first it seemed that he had done it in a year, which was going to be a tough penalty: goodbye World, goodbye Games ... But the dates were wrong. It was in more time. He got rid and run. To be world champion.

An hour before the start of the test I walked through the stadium with huge helmets. I was relaxed. Before jumping to the track I was behind Gatlin. They didn't even look at each other. In reality, no athlete challenges another with the view at that time. Each one goes to his own: head down, head up, dodging the one in front. Pure concentration In his presentation, Coleman made a slight gesture. The calm before the storm that is unleashed after the shot, with less bustle this time because the stadium was half empty. When he "speaks" the gun touches the runners. He was the third fastest to react the American, behind the South African Simbine and the British Hughes. But it only took a few meters to get first, he didn't leave that place anymore. His gold was not threatened, but he did not stop to get the record he was looking for. Coleman, with its 175 centimeters, low height for what is styled in these times, is compact, muscular and the best at the moment.

The battle continues within a year in Tokyo, which will be the first Games without Bolt since 2008 and the first Olympic participation of Coleman.

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