July 14, 2020

"Winning is difficult, but I'm going to try it"

If during the first day of rest of the tour, the pre-Pirenaica, everything looked black and that request of Mikel Landa in which he said: "I need my two days to leave me alone, spend my mourning", It surprised and caused the downturn in the whole cycling parish, now, a week later things have changed. They have changed to be the same again. Why Mikel is back, he and his religion. "The Land never dies," he said on Sunday in Foix, after the "chute" of adrenaline and moral that gave itself and all attacking 40 kilometers of goal, in his style, returning to be that great cyclist capable of the worst but also the best.

And now in Nimes, at the gates of the Alps, everything is decided, Mikel returns to be Landa, the great cyclist of the exciting afternoons and conjures up, returns to dream that everything is possible, because if someone can without doubt it is him. "Winning is difficult but I will try and dream until the last day". There it is, the vibrant corridor that excites so much. The one who draws the war paintings on his face and begs for attack, show. He promises to give it. And it will fulfill.

Beside Alejandro Valverde appears that for that of the attacks seems to be the liveliest: "We have to attack, in this Tour we can reach everything and in the Alps with how hard they will be able to fall minutes. We are going to attackThat's what rivals know and that's the way it has to be. It is difficult but if you do not try it is impossible, "says Bala. "Mikel is a fighter, he finishes well the third week, although he comes from the Giro before he had run a little and will finish strong, like the team itself".

Mikel, to hear from the mouth of the rainbow, that "with 39 years and being with the best surprises", fills him with energy. "Now I'm in a position that I'm not satisfied with. I'm seventh, so I'm forced to do these things to recover. That's how I like to run. " Attack. It is the only way he understands. "I will fight for every second," warns Landa. He does not want what happened two years ago, when he was just one to get on the podium in Paris against Romain Bardet.

What he can not stop lamenting about is the fall he suffered in the tenth stage on the way to Albi and that gave him two minutes in the general with the best. "I suffered a hard blow, but I had to keep trying. From the Pyrenees I leave with a positive, happy and moral balance. A lot can still happen. " Conjuration From that first day of rest to that of yesterday so many faces have changed that who almost cried now smiles. And who then laughed to himself thinking of all the good things that could come, now, wrinkled the nose, crouched his head sits and faces the microphones and questions as he can.

It is the sad look of Nairo Quintana, who knows himself defeated and to whom so much optimism of Valverde and Landa overwhelms him. He looks and feels small at his side, more after the garrafal error committed on Saturday way of the Tourmalet when all the Movistar accelerated the race in his favor while he kept his bad feelings to his own companions. "In the Soulor I already said that they were calm. He started throwing Andrey Amador and I had a crisis, but Mikel Landa wanted more rhythm, he felt strong. I do not like to be screwed by my moment, he was strong and the rivals suffered, "he apologized.

Nairo tried to explain: "I came to the Tour with good sensations, but the goal was twisted with the fall, which made me very uneasy." At Tourmalet I had a bad day and on Sunday I tried with the team's strategy. The objective was to help Mikel and he will be the same until Paris ", promises. "Important days are coming in the Alps and the team has to work for him."

And while, Eusebio Unzue, who also speaks before the three roosters and the whole team starts the march on this second day of rest for Nimes to release legs and have a coffee before the nap and massage, says: "I do not rule out Landa for anything". He knows he is capable of everything and that is why the manager is pulling negotiations to try to keep him next year. This changes everything quickly, just like the faces from one rest day to the other. Landa, who seemed already dressed in the colors of Bahrain, is now closer to Movistar. That ardent character Eusebio Unzue knows that he can not let it go.

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