April 11, 2021

Winners of the Goya Awards 2019 – The Province

Winners of the Goya Awards 2019 - The Province

In the interpretative sections, Antonio de la Torre was finally made with his coveted Goya for Best Actor Protagonist The kingdom and Susi Sánchez won her first award for The disease on Sunday, while in the section of distribution debuted Carolina Yuste, for Carmen and Lola, and Luis Zaheri, for The kingdom.

This is how the map of the great winners was drawn in this thirty-third gala, which took place over more than three hours, but which gave memorable episodes in its transfer to the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions in Seville, with Andreu Buenafuente and Silvia Abril as endearing and discreet masters of ceremonies.

The first award of the night, given by the acclaimed team of Champions with the aim of "scare Sorogoyen", pulverized the only Canarian quota that came in this edition: the Extremadura actress Carolina Yuste won the Best Actress award. cast for his role in Carmen and Lola to the detriment of the grancanarian actress Ana Wagener, who competed for her role in The kingdom. But nevertheless, The man who killed Don Quixote, the movie damn Terry Gilliam, shot partly in the Canary Islands, won two Goya.

One of the most emotional moments of the night was framed in the speech of Eva Llorach, Goya for Best New Actress for her role as Violet in Who will sing to you, of Carlos Vermut, who invited the women of the audience to stand up, "I want to share the prize with you, because it is very difficult to be a woman". "And above all, I want to ask creative writers and producers to create stories with female characters, especially in the years when we become invisible after 40". In this line, also Arantxa Echevarría, Goya for the Best New Address for Carmen and Lola, gave an exciting speech about the freedom to love. Also on the back of vindication and pride, actor Jesús Vidal, Best New Actor by Champions and the first person with visual disability to receive a Goya, peaked, between applause, "The three words that come to mind now: inclusion, diversity and visibility".

Among the anecdotes, although it promised the descent of the skies of Berto Romero and David Broncano, who presented the award for Best Special Effects suspended in the air – and that Laura Pedro won for SuperLópez, Máxima Huerta, former Minister of Culture, surpassed Máxima Huerta in the award to the Goya for Best Fiction Short: "Do not worry, I tend to be brief," he declared. And between the musical minutes that stopped the time, the singer Rosalía, one of the most venerated voices of the national scene, embroidered a very personal version of I stay with you, the legendary anthem of Los Chunguitos and soundtrack of Hurry, quickly, Carlos Saura, who played along with Cor Jove Orfeó Catalá, and that aroused an emotional ovation.


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