Wine and technology, a sustainable pairing in the Ribera del Duero | Additional features

A place nestled in the heart of the Douro Valley. The culture of wine. A winery transformed to blend in naturally with the landscape. And the most advanced and cutting-edge technology. All this has been combined with the intention of promoting sustainable wine tourism that acts as a magnet to attract a visitor who is increasingly concerned about enjoying a unique and environmentally friendly experience.

The protagonists of this pairing are Bodega Matarromera and LG Business Solutions. Both have signed an agreement with the best that each one knows how to do: wine and technology. United under the criteria of sustainability, they have turned the Valbuena de Duero facilities into a clear commitment to their joint fight against climate change.

Thus, LG Business Solutions has installed more than 120 LG NeON 2 bifacial photovoltaic solar panels in the canopies of the warehouse car park, a system that allows more energy to be captured, since it does so from both sides, and thus obtain higher performance. With them, around 80,000 kw / h are produced annually. Matarromera thus generates clean energy and reduces its consumption at the same time.

120 photovoltaic solar panels installed in the parking lot generate clean energy and reduce consumption

“This project is one more example of the LG Business Solutions philosophy for offering customer-focused technology solutions with solar energy, being faithful to our pillars of innovation and commitment to sustainability and the environment,” explains Jaime de Jaraíz, president and CEO of LG Iberia.

In addition, the South Korean company has installed a series of state-of-the-art professional screens in the different rooms of the winery. In them, visitors are shown the process of making wine with an audiovisual narrative. It is another example of the integration of artisanal with the latest technology of this agreement.

“We were looking for a partner that would provide us with cutting-edge technological solutions and that would share our main value, which is sustainability, the environment and the fight against climate change,” says Carlos Moro, president and founder of Bodega Matarromera. It is the first Spanish company with AENOR certification that measures its carbon footprint.

The alliance reflects the commitment to the environment of both companies

The company’s commitment to the environment is at the base of its strategic plan, Sustainable Matarromera on Planet Earth, which includes a proposal with a nature-friendly wine tourism present in several additional initiatives.

View of the solar panels on the canopy of the Matarromera Winery.
View of the solar panels on the canopy of the Matarromera Winery.

A production model called by Carlos Moro as “spherical economy”, and which shows its success with the number of visitors to the winery. Despite the significant mobility limitations imposed by the pandemic, Matarromera has continued to receive wine tourists. More than 5,000 people have wanted to know this sustainable proposal, many of them from the US, Canada or Mexico.

LG Smart Green Movement

Producing clean energy with solar panels, as is done in Matarromera, is one of the three pillars of the Smart Green project, which LG has been promoting since it launched in 2017. First it did it internally and, subsequently, it has opened its participation to more companies. At present, more than a dozen participate (Alsa and Ibercaja, among them). Some Administrations have also been incorporated, such as the Junta de Extremadura or the Murcia City Council.

The second of these axes is the ecotechnology that the company applies in all its products, to ensure that it has the most efficient ones in the different categories in which it works. And the last of them is the reforestation of the forests of Spain, with the aim of planting 47 million of them a year, using drones, big data and smart seeds. At the moment, three million have already been planted in reforestation carried out in Guadalajara, Extremadura and Palencia. There are now others open in Aragon and Murcia, company sources report.


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