July 14, 2020

Windmills and solar panels in the old mining basins to revitalize the area after the closure of coal plants

Iberdrola will replace its power stations in Asturias and León, the last ones in which coal was burned, by photovoltaic and wind plants in the same basins. It thus becomes the first major global power company without coal production

Iberdrola will become the largest power company in the world without coal production. This was announced this morning by the president of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán, as part of the start of the COP25 Climate Summit in Madrid. The energy company thus fulfills its commitment and will close its last two coal plants in the world, located in northern Spain. Both will be replaced by last generation wind and solar energy in the same coal basins. Specifically, Iberdrola has proposed to the Ministry of Energy the closure of the Lada (Asturias) and Velilla (Castilla y León) plants, building 420 wind and photovoltaic megawatts instead in the Velilla area and four wind farms in Lada , which would add about 130 MW. In addition, the company, which has been committed to the energy transition for 20 years, will develop a powerful social and economic revival project for these areas, which will be presented tomorrow to the ministry.

Its closure will not affect employment, since Iberdrola will relocate 100% of the workforce, which will be used for the dismantling of both plants, which will be extended for four years from the date of approval of closure by the Ministry of Ecological Transition , as in other renewable installations of the company. The areas occupied by Lada and Velilla will be subject to a landscape restoration.

With this milestone, Iberdrola will have closed in 15 years a total of 17 coal and fuel oil thermal power plants in different countries, with more than 8,500 MW of power and its generation will be 100% without emissions. In addition, it has done so in an agreed manner, without social conflict and compensating in any case the impact of these closures with new projects.

This initiative to replace CO2 emitting facilities with the latest generation of green energy is a historic milestone in Europe and shows Iberdrola's leadership in the energy transition. Iberdrola has invested only more than 25,000 million euros in Spain, primarily for the deployment of clean energy, the development of storage technologies and to promote a more robust and intelligent electricity distribution network with the aim of integrating more renewable and more distributed resources . These investments have generated more than 80,000 jobs in the country.

The Spanish electricity company is the leading renewable energy company in the world with 31,000 megawatts and currently has an ambitious construction plan for new wind and solar plants in Spain that will employ 20,000 people. This is 10 times more than the professionals who work today in traditional generation and more than the new jobs generated by the entire health sector in Spain in 2018.

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