Wind and heavy rains in southern Andalusia on the last Sunday of the year

Wind and heavy rains in southern Andalusia on the last Sunday of the year

The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) foresees for today, last Sunday of the year, gusts of wind and locally strong rains in the Strait and southeast of Andalusia, while in the rest of the country stability and sunny skies will be maintained, with the exception of of morning mists in the northwest.

This Sunday the sky will be little cloudy in general, with mists in points of the peninsular interior, although less extensive and persistent than in previous days.

Little change in temperatures is expected, with weak frosts in interior areas.

The wind will be weak in general, except on the northern coast of Galicia, north-east of Girona and east of the Balearic Islands, where strong gusts can be recorded and in the Strait and sea of ​​Alboran, where they could be very strong from this afternoon.



GALICIA: little cloudy or clear with intervals of low clouds, fogs and banks of morning and evening fog in the Miño valley and other flat areas of the interior. Minimum temperatures in descent, less pronounced in the southeast. Maximum temperatures with few changes. Weak frosts in mountain areas of Lugo and Orense. Loose winds of east component, more intense in the coast north of Finisterre.

ASTURIAS: Cloudy or cloudless with intervals of low clouds, fog and the possibility of morning and afternoon fog banks in lowland areas. Minimum temperatures in descent. Maximum temperatures rising, more pronounced in the Cordillera. Weak frosts in the Cordillera. Winds of the east in the littoral and loose variables predominating the southern component in the interior.

CANTABRIA: slightly cloudy or clear with intervals of low clouds at dawn. Likely mists early. Minimum temperatures in descent, except in Liébana and Campoo where they will remain unchanged; maximum increases in the south and with few changes in the coast. Weak frosts in the south. East wind on the coast, loose in the eastern part; inside, loose variable direction.

BASQUE COUNTRY: intervals of low clouds with probable fogs and fog banks in the interior, decreasing to little cloudy or clear during the morning and tending, again, at cloudy intervals at the end of the day. Minimum temperatures in descent, light in the littoral; maximum increases in the south and with little change in the rest. Faint frost on the inside. Variable loose wind tending east and northeast on the coast and northern component inland.

CASTILLA Y LEÓN: little cloudy. Mists and mists, especially in areas of plateau south of the Duero, locally persistent and rime. Minimum temperatures in descent or without changes and maximum without changes or slight decrease in areas of fog and rising in the rest. Frosty Northeast winds or variable, loose.

NAVARRA: low cloud intervals in the early hours with fogs and morning fog banks more likely in the western and northern thirds, tending to little cloudy or clear during the morning. Minimum temperatures in descent, in general light, and maximum in increase. Weak frosts, except in the Ribera. Wind north and northwest weak.

LA RIOJA: little cloudy or clear. Mists and some banks of morning mists are not ruled out. Minimum temperatures without changes in the mountains and in descent in the valley, and highs in slight rise. Weak frosts, less likely in the Lower Rioja. North or northwest winds, loose in general.

ARAGON: predominance of clear skies. In the Ebro valley and the center and south of Huesca morning mists, which may be locally persistent in Huesca. Minimum temperatures in slight decrease and the maximum in ascent in the Pyrenees and the Iberian, with few changes in the rest. In the Pyrenees and in the Iberian generalized frosts, generally weak, local in the rest. Variable wind loose and calm, except in the valley of the Ebro, where it will blow loose northwest wind.

CATALONIA: predominance of clear skies. Morning mists in the interior, more extensive in the south of Lleida, where they may be locally persistent. Temperatures without major changes, except in the northeast quadrant, where the maximums will rise. Frosts inside, generally weak. In the northeast of Girona and south of Tarragona, moderate northwest wind with some intervals of strong; in the rest loose variable wind.

EXTREMADURA: little cloudy or clear. Probability of mists and mists dispersed in the first half of the day. Minimum temperatures in slight decrease in the north and in slight rise in the south and maximum in slight rise. Probability of some weak frosts in the province of Cáceres. Winds from the east, loose.

MADRID: clear skies. Morning mist, without ruling out a bank of fog in the south. Temperatures in increase in the Sierra, in the rest, minimum in slight decrease and maximum without changes. Weak frosts in the eastern half. Slack wind from the northeast in the early hours, tending to remain calm or with variable direction during the day.

CASTILLA-LA MANCHA: predominance of clear skies, with some interval of low clouds in the early hours in the southeast. Morning mist, with banks of fog in Albacete, without ruling out any in the valleys of the Tagus and Guadiana. Minimum temperatures in slight rise in the south and mountains and slightly decrease in the rest; maximum in general in slight rise, more pronounced in the north. Weak frosts generalized in the northeast half and isolated in the rest. Loose wind of variable direction.

VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: predominance of clear skies. Inside morning fog banks. Minimum temperatures in descent in the southern half and with hardly any changes in the north; the maxims in slight ascent. Weak frosts in points of the interior. On the coast of Alicante, the northeast wind is weak, tending to variable; in the rest, loose variable wind prevailing the western component.

MURCIA: skies with intervals of low clouds without discarding weak precipitations in the morning in the littoral, tending to little cloudy or cleared in the interior. Morning mists or mists inside. Minimum temperatures in descent, with weak frosts in high areas; maximum on the rise. Winds of east, or northeast component, loose in the interior.

BALEARES: cloudy intervals tending to cloudy skies in the morning. Temperatures with few changes. Winds of northern component generally weak.

ANDALUCÍA: little cloudy sky in the interior except for intervals of low morning clouds in the eastern third. On the Mediterranean coast and eastern third are expected cloudy skies with morning rainfall in Almeria, western Mediterranean coast and the Strait area, it is not ruled out that they are accompanied by storms in the area of ​​the Strait where they can be occasionally strong at dawn. Morning mist, without ruling out fog banks in the eastern interior. Maximum temperatures in descent in the eastern end: the rest rising, with weak frosts in the eastern interior. Winds of east component, with strong intervals in the Mediterranean coast and Cádiz; very strong gusts in Cádiz.

CANARY: in the eastern cloudy, tending to little cloud at the end. In the west, partly cloudy, becoming cloudy in the afternoon. Generally weak rain from dawn and tending to remit at the end of the day. Temperatures with few changes or slight decrease. Northeasterly wind to moderate, turning this loose with predominance of breezes.


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