Win the Lottery of the Child and will be able to pay the mortgage and take care of his mother with Alzheimer's

Juan Jiménez was the first to approach Administration number six in Logroño, which sold in its entirety El Gordo from El Niño, showing his number with great joy: he had been buying it for "at least" twenty years and you will pay the mortgage with him.

Juan is 45 years old, he has not received anything for four years and, at the moment, he has his mother in his care, with alzheimer, and a brother who is also dependent.

While he was speaking with the journalists, the person in charge of the Administration told him: "Keep the number well." Juan couldn't believe it, was "in a cloud", as he has related. They are 200,000 euros and you do not have to share it with anyone. "It is the first time that I have touched me, I have never touched anything."


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