July 24, 2021

Win or disengage – The Province

Win or disengage - The Province

To overcome the first bump. The UD Las Palmas lands today at the Mediterranean Games Stadium (7.30pm, TVC and LaLiga123) with the aim of returning to feel dominant in the category, worthy mirror of what he offered during the first days of the competition, fearful for the rival and lethal when it should be. In those anda Las Palmas, who wants to cut before the YOU Almería its crisis conatus: a point of the last six and 196 minutes without knowing what it is to celebrate a goal.

Las Palmas arrives immersed in that loss of smell, the taste of the goal. If El Molinón was unable to make specific the arrivals he had, facing the Alcorcón, he repressed in his area, he also did not find the formula to drink the potion that only the many in his favor provide: the victories. It does not seem like a simple place for that reconciliation, nor for Almeria, with a refloated team based on illusion, courage and determination. Only Málaga – and by the minimum with a 0-1 – has managed to get a victory from the rojiblanco.

Manolo Jiménez he's looking for his team a turn of the screw. Last week he gave another touch to his team with a 4-4-2 manual, where Rafa Mir Y Rubén Castro They were the attack couple. All with a midfield formed by Timor, Galarreta, Maikel Mesa Y Tana, these last two more heels to the bands. The line of four defenders, already consolidated, was that of Álvaro Lemos, David García, Juan Cala Y Alberto De la Bella.

Jiménez has worked on this same scheme during this week. A drawing that will undergo certain alterations with some exchange of names. To begin with, the Sergio Araujo. The Argentine striker, emblem and icon of the redemption that UD is living in this season in the Second Division, redeemed with the yellow last week. He is seen alive, hungry and eager to show he is back after his year and a half in Athens. Without Mir, on tour with Spain sub 21, the attack point next to Rubén Castro seems his.

The other mandatory change is that of David García. The captain, fixed with Cala in the center of the rear, stayed at home when he was at the gates of his first paternity. For this position will fight two men almost unpublished this season: Deivid Y Martín Mantovani. The first, has not yet debuted in LaLiga 123. In fact, he has only played the Copa game, where he and the Argentine made water.

Things have not gone much better to the former captain of the Leganés CD. He was injured in the preseason, played two consecutive games against Albacete and Zaragoza and disappeared, suffering from a new injury. Now he is back and hopes to gain prominence in the central axis of the rear. Today any of the two can live a good time to claim and press the button of ownership.

If those are the required changes before the casualties, another point can fall on one of the bands. The irruption of Danny Blum in the final stretch of the game against Alcorcón opens the door to the starting eleven. His capacity for work, the physical and the overflow he offers make him have many ballots to enter today in the main drawing of Manolo Jiménez.

All with the pressure of the points on top. Málaga again drew three more. He did it against Albacete, one of the teams that is revolving the noble zone of the classification. Right now, the boquerón set is 7 points behind Las Palmas, as the undisputed leader of the competition. If the UD wants to aspire to one of the two positions that give the direct promotion, it must follow the path of triumph. Three days without winning would stagnate too much to a team that is forced to look up. And for that, taking the Mediterranean Games is more than a necessity.


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