Win 9 million in the Cuponazo of the ONCE and believe that it is an innocent

Win 9 million in the Cuponazo of the ONCE and believe that it is an innocent

The Cuponazo of the ONCE has left nine million euros, its biggest prize, in Fuengirola (Malaga), in the draw on Friday, December 28, which was dedicated, precisely, to the Innocent Innocent Foundation, on the occasion of the celebration of the Day of the Innocents.

The seller of the ONCE Luis Pino Fernandez is the one who has taken the illusion of the ONCE to Fuengirola, by selling the Cuponazo gracefully with the nine million euros, which he reserved for a regular customer. When he called to give him the good news, the client believed that it was an innocent.

"I had to insist several times and even get serious to tell her that it was true, that they have touched her 9 million euros, and I am very happy because she is a very nice regular client"said Luis, visibly moved. "I still do not believe it, I've been a little over a year in this job and I've already distributed an awful lot of millions," he commented this morning.

Luis Pino distributes illusion from his stall in Calle Ramón y Cajal in Fuengirola (Málaga), right up to the Loterías administration "El Gato Negro". "Today, customers come to me," he joked, surrounded by a thousand friends and citizens who congratulated him.

In addition, the luck of the Cuponazo of the Day of the Innocents has left more awards in Andalusia. Specifically three second category prizes, awarded with 100,000 euros each. The first of these has gone to La Rinconada (Seville), where ONCE salesperson Ana María Madera Rodríguez has sold a graceful Cuponazo with 100,000 euros.

Near Fuengirola, in Mijas (Málaga), the fate of the ONCE has left another 100,000 euros in a Cuponazo sold in one of the establishments that, in solidarity, collaborate in the commercialization of ONCE games. This time at a press outlet, located in the El Zoco Shopping Center, and run by Juan Ramón Carmona Medina.

The third prize of 100,000 euros in Andalusia, the Cuponazo has left it in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz), from the hands of ONCE salesman Guillermo Armario González.

In addition, the Cuponazo has left awards of 25,000 euros in other Andalusian towns worth 125,000 euros. In total, in Andalusia the Cuponazo has distributed 9,500,000 euros.

The Cuponazo of the ONCE of December 28, dedicated to the Innocent, Innocent Gala, broadcast last night by La 1 de Televisión Española, has left another prize of 100,000 euros in Almassera (Valencia) and prizes of 25,000 euros distributed by Torremolinos, Ourense, Figueres (Girona), Cristianos (Tenerife), Cádiz, Barcelona, ​​Écija (Seville) or Cádiz.


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