February 25, 2021

Wimbledon 2019: Cori Gauff, a future number one | sports

The present Wimbledon female will be remembered, probably, as the breakthrough of the young American tennis player Cori Gauff. This girl of only 15 years has attracted the attention of amateurs and experts due to her great tennis quality and her maturity, unfit for her age and, above all, for the times.

Such a precocious development occurs in her both in the physical and mental aspect and has characteristics that we normally see in the great players. It has high-level blows, but above all, it has other virtues that they make me think that we are before an upcoming number one.

First of all, you have plenty of time. He has gone from overnight to playing junior tournaments to play matches with first-line players and continues hitting the ball with the same calmness. Do not hurry before balls of great difficulty from your opponents. In the second place, it attracts a lot of attention to his ability to concentrate and not get distracted in the whole game. And this is a rarity today. And finally, the American has shown that she does not fall into despair when things go a little bit.

In the third round he raised and ended up winning a match in which he was losing by 6-3 and 5-3, overcoming even three match balls against. As I said, it has all the numbers to get to the top of the ranking world.

In recent days, he is also commenting on the fact that due to his youth, Coconut it is with the prohibition on the part of the WTA to dispute more than ten tournaments of the circuit before reaching the 16 years, thing that will not happen until March of 2020. I understand that the organism that regulates the feminine tennis has knowledge of the possible consequences that it may have an early entry into the professional circuit for the health of young athletes, but there are two factors that I would like to highlight and which lead me to disagree with the application of measures of such caliber.

In the first place, it must be understood that not all young people are equal. The physical and mental development can be and, in fact, is very different from one another, and the application of strict rules could lead to unfair actions as could be the case in this case. And secondly, I think there is an excess of interference from different organisms in what, in the beginning, should belong to the personal and private sphere of each one. What leads us to think that the WTA may be more prepared than Cori's parents to make the decisions that affect her?

I believe that these, in addition to the team of people who are helping her to develop, know more than anyone their circumstances and, above all, they want more than anyone else their good and good health; they should, therefore, be the ones who take the decisions they consider pertinent or appropriate. It would be more prudent, I believe, if the institution that governs women's tennis were to inform and advise, and to leave the parents the possibility of deciding, which is the function that any parent should be able to exercise.

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