Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Willy Toledo will testify on February 17 for an alleged crime against religious feelings

The actor Willy Toledo will testify on February 17, 2020 before the Criminal Court of Madrid for an alleged crime against freedom of conscience and religious feelings and for a crime of obstruction of Justice, as reported by the Court of Penal number 26 of Madrid in an order of diligence to which Europa Press has had access.

In the Court's brief it is indicated for the beginning of the oral trial sessions on February 17 at 11.30 am and it is cited to declare the parties, defendants, witnesses and experts.

The actor will be judged following a complaint that the Christian Lawyers Association filed against the actor for messages posted on his Facebook social network profile in 2015 and 2017 in which he insulted God and the Virgin.

During the instructional phase, Willy Toledo was called to testify three times. After not attending the first two subpoenas on the grounds that he had not committed “any crime” but had “exercised his freedom of expression,” on September 12, 2018, he was arrested by the Police to ensure his appearance in the Courts.

The judge of the court number 11 of Madrid concluded in his car, made public on September 26 of that year, that the facts under investigation could be “constituting a crime against religious feelings”, referring to article 525 of the Criminal Code .

"It's time for Catholics to be respected"

The president of Christian Lawyers, Poland Castellanos, has applauded the decision to quote the actor. "It is time for Catholics to be respected and for crimes against religious sentiments to be applied in practically all the countries of the European Union," he stressed.

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