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"We have stopped making songs about university life, going out to parties, drinking alcohol. We have matured and are now more melancholic, "says Willy Bárcenas (Madrid, 1989), who four years ago formed, together with Antón Carreño (Madrid, 1995), Stool, a group that, since its inception, has been surrounded by controversy. While the vocalist is recognized for being the son of Luis Bárcenas, former treasurer of the Popular Party who is in prison for a plot of corruption linked to the financing of the party; Carreño is the grandson of Gerardo Díaz Ferrán, the former president of the CEOE who is in prison for several court cases, including the well-known Marsans case. However, even if this caused them to talk about them before even releasing their first album, they are clear that it has hurt them in their career as artists. "If we do not have that, Stool would be at a scary level. But people do not listen to us because of prejudices, "explains Bárcenas. Now they release their third album, Madame Ayahuasca, in which they are established as pop artists although, this time, with Mexican overtones.

"We do not want to advocate drugs, but we have tried it, yes," Carreño confesses and the singer adds: "My mother gets angry when I talk about this." Although the title of the album was chosen for the sonority of the words, they also wanted to pay homage to this traditional indigenous drink that generates hallucinogenic effects. "I had read a lot about her, it's very interesting and we wanted to try the whole group together", explains Bárcenas and says that they were accompanied by a kind of shaman who guided them in the travel and put the right music for the experience. "It's a journey inside you, it's very different from everything else, it's much more powerful than a drug ..." He pauses briefly and continues, "if many of those who decide things in the world take it, things would go best".

Now on tour with this album, they continue to fill all the venues they go to, the last one in the Razzmatazz hall in Barcelona with capacity for 600 people and with the sign of sold out strung up. As in other concerts, as seen on social networks, the flags of Spain and the "Viva España" were frequent during the performance of the group. "I think that many people in Catalonia feel like they are Spanish and there are times they can not even say it," Carreño says, adding: "They have the same right to draw that flag, like the independence flag." "Freedom of expression is based on that, right?" Bárcenas says.

If we do not become children of who we are, Stool would be at a frightening level. There are people who do not listen to us because of prejudices

And as freedom of expression seems to have also come into conflict with music in recent months, the group is clear: "Put in jail for what you say in a song we will never see well. This can not become a persecution of artists. " Although Bárcenas emphasizes that "that can not give free way to say in a concert 'we are going to kill civil guards." It refers to the Mallorcan rapper Josep Miguel Arenas Beltrán, better known as Valtònyc, who during a concert last May urged to kill "a fucking civil guard". "Go to another town where there are civil guards and kill one," he shouted after being sentenced to three and a half years for insulting the Crown, extolling terrorism, insults and slander. Shortly after, the rapper fled to Belgium before his imminent entry into prison. "Valtònyc is a cagon and above is more posh than us", declares the singer.

In the same month, a few days after the escape of Valtònyc, the PP's treasurer's son lived one of his worst moments because his mother also entered prison after the court that tried the Gürtel case sentenced her to 15 years and a month for crimes of misappropriation, tax crimes, documentary falsification, money laundering and attempted fraud. 24 hours lasted in the prison of Soto del Real, Madrid, after getting his son to collect 200,000 euros of bail with the help of his friends.

"Prison is a very serious thing. I lived it hard, I was wrong, but I'm never going to cancel a concert or stop doing interviews. I can differentiate very well my personal life with my professional life ", explains the singer and confesses that if he did not have the group, in which he took refuge," I would be much more fucked up by the subject ". "I have many good things in life. I have a very, very bad one, but I prefer to focus on the present. "

Controversies with Pablo Iglesias and Chikos del Maíz

After several controversies in social networks, such as his confrontation with Los Chikos del Maiz or even with Pablo Iglesias, leader of Podemos, it seems that they are now calmer. "Twitter has not contributed anything, it's like a carrion nest, scavengers," says the ex-treasurer of the PP and adds that they pay their frustration with them. He confesses that they receive negative comments daily and that people look for any excuse to mess with them. "I do not understand how there can be so much hatred on Twitter," Carreño says to what Bárcenas adds: "Someone who feels fulfilled with the life he has, is not giving his ass all day as Twitter people do." The boys are clear that they are attacked because on Twitter no one knows who is who, a screen protects them and they emphasize that never on the street has anyone ever insulted them.


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