February 27, 2021

Will Usain Bolt return to the competition?

In recent dates Usain Bolt has posted videos in which he appeared training. It takes less than two months for the World Athletics World Championship in Qatar, too little time, but for the Tokyo Olympics there is a year left and the rumors soared. Will Bolt, the best sprinter in history, return to the competition? Will you want to revalidate the 100 and 200 medals you won in the 2008 Beijing, London 2012 and Rio 2016 Games? The Jamaican sprinter gave the answer in words to Sports Illustrated collected by Efe. "There is a zero percent chance that he will return," said the former athlete, who turns 33 on August 21 and announced that he was complaining about athletics in 2017, after a World Cup in which for the first time in years he was seen human: he was defeated in the 100 meters and in his last race, the relay , got injured. The Jamaican said he had hired a physical trainer to control his weight and is now "out of shape."

That does not take away has continued to pose challenges. Bolt admitted that he did physical exercise again because he wanted to beat the 40-yard record of the NFL (American football). He got it in February with a time of 4.22 seconds. Behind that record was an answer. "Every year, while I was on the track, there was an NFL player saying 'oh, I could beat Usain Bolt, I can do this, blah blah. So I ran in 4.22 with dress pants, out of form and after a year retired, "said the fastest man in history. And regarding his records (9.58 in the 100 meters and 19.19 in the 200), he thinks that they will not be surpassed: "" I hope they are not beaten soon, that they last a couple of years, but it is good for the sport that a young man beats them. "

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