June 19, 2021

Will the home delivery be maintained after the restaurants are closed?

Locals and delivery platforms expect the Government to keep this service, just as it happened in Italy

Spain follows in the footsteps of Italy. After declaring the state of alarm and the closing of bars and restaurants, one of the big doubts is whether home delivery will also be abolished. Despite the absence of an official statement from the Community of Madrid, companies such as Burger King have confirmed that it will continue to provide home service to its customers as a measure to help minimize the departure of homes until the authorities recommend it. In this sense, the chain has activated a special security protocol for home service to guarantee the safety of employees and customers. “This is a drastic measure, but we are aware that it is necessary to protect the health of customers and restaurant employees, while helping to invite the population to stay home while this situation lasts,” explains the company. Precisely from the Confederación Empresarial de Hostelería de Madrid ask and hope that home orders are kept, since they are the only source of food that people who are quarantined at home may have, just as it was maintained in Italy in the first instance.

The home delivery platform Uber Eats is in the process of adaptation, although It cannot confirm what will happen to the home service until the government gives the first guidelines. For their part, sources of Deliveroo consulted by LA RAZÓN they do affirm that the distribution of food will continue as “it seems that there is no type of restriction”. Its “riders” will continue to work hand in hand with the capital’s restaurants even if they no longer open their doors, and will continue to apply a special protocol to deliver orders without physical contact. In addition, the company has launched a fund to provide financial assistance to workers in the event that they can become ill and leave.

This service is taking root strongly to sustain business volume. The chef of Dsncj Bistró, Iván Saez, declared a few days ago to Europa Press that they will try to “get out of this situation” by reinventing themselves. “Since people can’t leave home and before everyone’s chaos takes over, the ‘take away’ may be the solution,” he acknowledged. Other restaurants in the capital that have reinforced their commitment to the “take away” are Apura and Ronda 14. For its part, the restaurant La cocina de María Luisa launches for these weeks its take-out food to face “this critical situation” . José Delgado, head of Pinsa Pizza, points out that the business situation worsened since Wednesday, after the schools closed. Customers no longer go to the premises, but “Home orders remain stable”.


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