Will the Canary Pablo Díaz win the rosco de Pasapalabra?

Antenna 3 has again made viewers nervous with his announcements that soon Pablo Diaz, mythical contestant of Pass word So what has accumulated 208,800 euros in 254 programs -at the time of publication of this article-, could finally take the millionaire jackpot that has been accumulating in recent months. In an advertisement published by the program, Díaz could be seen hyperventilating on the donut with only one question to answer.

In the video, the contestant is practically out of breath with what can happen when answering the word that is hidden in the letter "X". The chain has not advanced further and only specifies that this moment will happen "very soon", so they do not get wet on the date either.

How it happened months ago the spot does not say anything about the contestant going to win the donut, but they have dropped it. Something similar was announced months ago and in the end it ended in nothing. A fairly simple play of the show to gain an extra audience for a day.

Due to the deception of the first time, this time the viewers do not have many illusions and it may be that the program pulls again from a false victory to gain audience. Or not? It is not yet known and it is only known that the program will be broadcast very soon on Antena 3. If in the end the victory of Pablo Díaz is confirmed, he will pocket no less than 1,780,000 euros. We will have to wait and see what Díaz does in the aforementioned program.


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