Will ‘One Step Forward’ return? – The province

Poster for & # 039; One Step Forward & # 039 ;.

‘One step forward’ poster.

If we talk about Yotuel romero, the first image that comes to mind is from his beginnings on television in the series ‘A step forward’. A job that marked his life on both sides, since it was there that he met and fell in love with Beatriz Luengo, with which he has formed the family he always wanted. Now, the singer and actor, who has just presented his first solo work ‘Once Dissolved Orishas’ with Beatriz Luengo and Omar Montes, gives an interview to MADMENMAG in which attention! nothing is silent.

Regarding the difficult situations that Beatriz Luengo has experienced by some members of the industry, Yotuel demonstrates that she does not mince words and assures that: “There is a lot of bastard in this industry. It’s a completely tough industry for women And I’ve had to say “that bastard” many times. When Bea came to those meetings for her compositions and there was always the fool on duty who tried to pass, do you understand? Fuck. It happened to me many times to say “This son of a p …. If I take it and bust it”.

What we liked most about Yotuel Romero’s interview is that has confirmed that the return of ‘A step forward’ is being hatched, the series that changed his life and that had a lot of success for many years: “Yes, there are things out there. And I say yes, of course. ‘One step forward’ changed my life and I remember that series as the blessed glory. For me, they can count on me. ”

After this interview with MADMENMAG, we have no doubt that the singer is living one of his best moments and we are not surprised at all by his great success since with the naturalness with which he faces various situations in his Life can go as far as it goes.


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