will equalize their conditions of premiums and image rights with the masculine

An important day in football. The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has signed an agreement with the players of the women's team to equalize their bonus conditions and image rights to those of the men's team, demands for which the players and the unions have been fighting for years .

The women's and men's soccer teams in Sweden will have the same conditions

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At the signing ceremony, which was attended by several players, the president of the Futpro union and the president of the RFEF Luis Rubiales, this agreement was valued, which, according to Rubiales, is "at the top of the European level ”. "The negotiation process has been long and as players we saw it as complicated, but having reached this point reinforces the idea of ​​the Federation's commitment to women's teams", said FC Barcelona player Irene Paredes.

🔴 President Luis Rubiales signs with the captains of the @SeFutbolFem the premium and image rights agreement for the coming years.

🔗 More information: https://t.co/IbY7fOA3KJ pic.twitter.com/mBuAl8ywO3

— RFEF (@rfef) June 14, 2022

Two parts: premium and image rights agreement

Rubiales has described the signing as "a cutting-edge agreement." "It will last five years and has two parts, one for premiums and the other for image rights," he explained. As for the advancement of the premiums that the players will receive, these will have a percentage character to which "a factor of positive discrimination" has been added, since "the money that reaches the female categories is much lower than that which reaches the Boys".

🗣️ Luis Rubiales, president of the RFEF: "From now on the players of the @SeFutbolFem they'll get an advance on their premiums, exactly the same as with the boys.

➡️ "We have closed an agreement for the next five years".#PlayFightAndWin pic.twitter.com/ImcvCWw7ZQ

— RFEF (@rfef) June 14, 2022

The second part of the agreement, which has to do with image rights, is a compensation that the players of the men's team have been enjoying for years. "In the women's it was not like that and in 2018, when we arrived at the Federation, we saw that this had to be put to an end and it was decided for the first time that they would receive an amount for image rights for the Eurocup in France," said Rubiales. "This year, that number starts to improve by 20% retroactively and will reach 80% in 2027," he promised.

In this sense, the players will also receive a percentage for all the sponsorships that reach the women's team. "I think it is difficult to find such a complete agreement and one that has improved so much," said Rubiales, considering himself "satisfied."

🗣️ Luis Rubiales, president of the RFEF: "All players will have a percentage of the sponsorships that arrive from now on".

➡️ "I think it's hard to find such a complete agreement".#PlayFightAndWin pic.twitter.com/ZzykVxd76j

— RFEF (@rfef) June 14, 2022

A "historic" signature

The president of the Futpro union, Amanda Gutiérrez, who has been active in the negotiations, has described the signing as "historic". “It is an agreement that equalizes the economic conditions between the male and female teams”, she has celebrated. As she has explained, both teams -female and male- will have "the same economic conditions in friendly concentrations and the same distribution criteria in UEFA and FIFA tournaments".

In addition, "displacement and travel conditions will be improved and the transfer and exploitation of image rights of soccer players has been regularized." “Today is one of those days in which we can say that it has always been the will of the Federation to reach an agreement like this and here it is shown that it supports women's football. I am convinced that it will lay the foundations for the future. It is a turning point for women's football and at Futpro we are tremendously proud”, she celebrated, not without adding that “there is still a lot of work to be done”.

We leave you a fragment of the appearance of @Amanda91G president of #FUTPROwho together with @BSportsLaw has advised the players in this historic negotiation.
Join the change! We need all the soccer players in Spain to join us to keep moving forward ✊🏼 pic.twitter.com/1iUcNlKgV1

— FUTPRO (@futpro_es) June 14, 2022

“One small step”

In this, it coincides with the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE), which has not attended the event and points out that the signing is "a small step". From AFE, they are pleased that progress has been made in terms of equality, but they ask to remember the importance of transferring it to the rest of the teams, not only to the absolute ones, as they have already required the Federation on several occasions.

⚽️🇪🇸#AFEFútbol is pleased that finally the @rfef has advanced in terms of equality, as we have requested several times. We remember the importance of transferring this real and effective equality to all the teams, not just the two absolute ones.https://t.co/5SZbf68TaV https://t.co/gJhZRFv1X1

– AFE (@afefutbol) June 14, 2022

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