May 13, 2021

will allow the customer to customize garments without added cost

will allow the customer to customize garments without added cost

Arteixo (La Coruña)Updated:

Zara tries to give one more twist to your business model. For this, from next March 27 will allow the customer to customize garments without this entailing any additional cost for your pocket. This novelty will be implemented at the moment only in four countries: Spain, Italy, Holland and the United Kingdom. In these countries it will be available through the company's website. In addition, in the first three countries can also be ordered in the stores of Plaza Cataluña (Barcelona), Vittorio Emmanuelle (Milan) and Kalverstraat (Netherlands). The head brand of Inditex aims in this way continue to lead the trends in the textile world, a sector that is currently experiencing a major crisis.

Within the company's policy of putting the customer at the center of the business model, this measure will allow this to personalize the garments. In this way, You can put embroidered letters in them from the application for all the devices that the clothing chain has. Specifically, the client can now implement words with a maximum of eleven characters.

Of course, at the moment this function will only be available in articles «denim», which includesgrinders, skirts, shorts and jeans both for men and for women, although from Zara they hope to be able to extend it in the future to more garments. In addition, the customer can choose between a range of six colors and two types of letters for the customization of their embroidery.

This innovation fits within the policy of the company to give it more importance to your internet sales and offer a better customer experience. The results presented today by the group show that their online sales already represent 12% of total turnover.

Inditex has invested in recent years more than 2,000 million euros in innovation technological of the company. Most of this investment has gone to RFID, a type of technology that allows the company to know at all times the location of their garments and also advises store managers when exposing the products. The objective is simply to shorten the times in the supply chain.

Inditex announced last year that it would integrate the online world in its physical stores. To this day, the chain affirms that in its brands Zara, Uterqüe and Massimo Dutti This model is already fully integrated and expects that by 2020 it will be a reality in all the brands of the multinational.


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