July 29, 2021

Wild and fun photographs to raise awareness about the environment – La Provincia

On November 13 the winners of the 'Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards', a contest that rewards images that have the best "technical excellence", and the funniest content and title.

This contest is divided into a general prize and five categories: creatures of the air, of the earth, underwater, youth competition and 'portfolio' (which brings together a set of images of the same theme). The only category that has some type of restriction is the juvenile, where only children under 16 can participate: the rest are open to any amateur or professional photographer who has made a 'funny' image of an animal in the last ten years.

Among the forty finalists of the 2019 edition, that the organization of the event unveiled in September, there are photographs like that of some dancing lionesses and otters that seem to greet the camera. The grand prize for the winner of the contest will be a week-long safari in Kenya.

The contest was created four years ago by photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, who serves as director of the competition and president of the jury, which currently has a total of thirteen members.

The creation of the contest had a double objective, according to Paul and Tom on the awards website: to become a competition "light, friendly"and" possibly unpretentious "about wild animals doing fun things" and raising awareness about the need to take care of the environment. The contest promotes simple advice to contribute to it on an individual level, such as trying to reduce the consumption of non-recyclable productss and the duration of the showers and try to have family and friends follow that example, among others. In turn, the contest seeks to give visibility to the activity of the Born Free Foundation, a non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom that works for animal rights, protecting them in their natural habitats and working on the rehabilitation of those who rescue from "terrible conditions of captivity. "

These are some of the finalist images:


hold on


Indecent Proposal

Surfing the South Atlantic style

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