May 18, 2021

Widows: The sign of the times | Culture

Widows: The sign of the times | Culture

Viola Davis and Elizabeth Debicki, in 'Viudas'.

Called Steve McQueen and not being the one who was idolized (I suspect that also desired) by several generations of spectators, the most cool, the supreme image of male seduction, along with Brando and Newman, I imagine that it is a very heavy burden, which would be the object of cruel jokes in schools, requires a lot of self-confidence to withstand the evil comparison. Director Steve McQueen showed us in Shame that was as intelligent as disturbing. How much fear and pity inspired that compulsive and turbid pornographer, resorting obsessively to onanism and accelerated sex with whores, hustlers and strangers, elusive and impotent with women who attract him and could offer him love; an urbanite who is more alone than the one, lost in his hell. My fascination with that grim film disappeared in the next, 12 years of slavery. I ended up saturated with the accumulation of tortures of all kinds practiced by slavers on their destitute servants. Of course, the reality must have been the same or worse, but on the screen it sounded repetitive, too obvious, panfletary, easy to light, but very appropriate for the Obama era. He got three Oscars, including the best movie. Normal.


Address: Steve McQueen
Interpreters: Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki, Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell, Cynthia Erivo, Robert Duvall.
Gender: thriller. USA, 2018
Duration: 129 minutes

The last of this gentleman is titled Widows. I see the headline of an interview they give him in the paper edition of a newspaper. It says: "Normal and healthy is that a film is feminist." And I hallucinate, I bless my ability to continue to scandalize me before idiocy, opportunism, political correctness. Also my disgust and my terror towards the professionals of censorship and the inquisition, those ancestral and abject ladies. They return to enjoy splendor, in their name you can commit any wrongdoing, any stupidity, any perversion. How to give a certificate of legitimacy to art based on its machismo and feminism. And I get a chill thinking about so many masterpieces of the past that would be impossible now, with dungeon or exile sentence. I try to forget, as always, my sympathy or my rejection towards the creator, when I see his latest film. Widows it goes well, it is shot with professionalism, it has a certain charm and quick forgetting. Hollywood, always so mercenary, cynical and practical, has discovered a vein to obtain the institutional, moral and commercial blessing of the new times. The anguished protagonists of this film are not wonderwomen, have lived in the shadow of their gangsters couples, who have just palmarla in a failed robbery. Full of fear and inexperience, but also of determination, they will try to recover that booty they consider theirs, in the lucid and ancient conviction that the pains with bread are less.

Intimate scenes, action and character design work. The show works, although I'm not passionate about it. It stars Viola Davis, a very powerful actress (what a luxury in The doubt see act together this lady, Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and the unforgettable and eternally mourned Philip Seymour Hoffman), but with permanent bad vibes in his expression. I can not imagine her doing comedy. Your, for me, unknown partners give the type, are vulnerable and learn to be strong. His male escorts (Liam Neeson, Robert Duvall, Colin Firth) are distinguished performers, but they know that they do not paint anything here. I suspect that a new genre can be born, that the pistol, the submachine gun and the knife are going to change hands.


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