August 12, 2020

Widgets for 2020 – La Provincia

Thewidgets or mobile applicationsThey have become an indispensable complement to any smartphone. They make life easier on many occasions and provide thenecessary help in many areas. From how to orient in a foreign city to order food at home, through translators or audio guides. But that's just the tip of the iceberg of what's coming for the year 2020.

The trends of the future

The expression renew or die had never been as true as applied to the field of mobile technology. The development of widgets and smartphone apps goes hand in hand with the update of the operating systems of the different software that exist in the telephony market. Innovation in application development is a constant and will incorporate improvements in cutting-edge fields next year.

– Virtual reality and augmented reality:Two of the most interesting developments in the mobile field. If these technologies were already present in video games or videos, now the natural path of innovation leads mobile apps to have augmented reality to make things easier. Atcase of the popular Pokemon Go, which plays with the illusion of seeing one of these animation beings on the mobile screen, while focusing on a real place. This was just the beginning, because this technology will be increasingly present in all types of mobile widgets.

– Internet of Things:It will also start to have a presence in mobile applications. To be able to control the home refrigerator from the smartphone, to check what is missing and it is necessary to include it in the shopping list, or turn on the heating minutes before arriving home so that the temperature is adequate. This is already a reality and will be increasingly common. An advance that, no doubt,It has a direct improvement over the day to day.

– Artificial intelligence,which will become increasingly important and prepare, because it will soon be a common reality. We are talking about personal assistance, but without people involved, or what is the same, chatbots.

The most curious and innovative widgets for 2020

– InkHunter:augmented reality to know the result of how the first tattoo will be. An app whose function is to show the person who is going to tattoo howThe ink will remain on your skin.This technology makes it only necessary to paint the skin with a pen, to delimit the area, while indicating the design to be 'tattooed'.

– Froggipedia:without leaving the scope of augmented reality, this application makes thedissection of a live frogand live Something very common in school or in certain degrees, to learn about organs and tissues. To avoid the bad drink, with this software you get a level of detail that is not negligible, with almost the same educational result and without suffering for the animal.

– Carrot:The weather forecast is always a question that is consulted on the mobile, so having the most complete app in this area will solve unforeseen situations in which the umbrella is not carried due to ignorance. With satellite maps and alarms, it isthe most innovative in the market in its field.

– Wanna Kicks:In the line of the app that allows you to see a tattoo on the skin before having done so, Wanna Kicks allows the person to look with a garment onbefore having acquired it. Very useful for the undecided when shopping or for those who do not have time to go to changing rooms.

– Mondly:focus on the floor, a wall or any flat surface, so that a virtual teacher is projected to help you while learning a language, is the main function of this application. Up to 33 languages ​​whose process includes complete progress charts, tests and social functions.

– Socratic:also in the field of education, this may be for many the "app of the laziest", although it has great utility and is fun. From a photo to the duties, the artificial intelligence of the software, is responsible for finding a solution to the problem posed. For itUse online resources such as Wikipedia or Wolfram Alpha.

You should always look for usefulness in technology, so that it is a daily help. The smartphone has become a limb of the body, so it is ideal to use it as advantageously as possible. What comes by 2020 in terms of mobile apps confirms this.

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