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In two days, next Tuesday, March 24, it finally arrives in SpainDisney +, the streaming platform that brings together the audiovisual content of The Walt Disney Company, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and much more. In these times, distraction and entertainment are not a luxury, they are a necessity.And, until tomorrow March 23, you can subscribe for just 5 euros a month!

As it could not be otherwise, themusical movieswith which the Disney factory has been making generations dance for decades. The best? After seeing and reviewing them, you can learn the letters (if you don't already know them) and move your body with the choreography. An entertainment for the whole family! Sounds good, right? What if we tell you by singing?

You think that everything you tread on is yours ...

Pocahontas, Jonh Smith and what is quite possibly their first couple's discussion (in this part of the movie they are exchanging impressions about colonialism and the desire to conquer it). If you don't remember, at Disney + you can dust off their love story and take the second part 'Pocahontas 2: Journey To A New World' as a bonus track. A very educational plan if you have kids at home and € if you don't have them, too.

Namely,Pocahontasthe beautiful and impetuous daughter of the Indian chief Powhatan sees how enormous ships arrive at her beach. From them descends the brave and very handsome Jonh Smith and, as soon as they are seen, they make a supermatch (see Tinder user manual). When everything pointed to the rest of their lives being spent eating corn and singing down the hill while watching their cubs grow, it turns out that Jonh's boss, the ambitious Governor Radcliff, decides to build a little house, a shopping center with foodcourt, a seven-storey car park, a skating rink, a Formula 1 circuit and a zoo; all on the doorstep of the Indian chief's house. Powhatan (what things) gets a little upset and ... the end of the story you can find out next March 24 at Disney +.

Under the sea...

The Sebastian crab, with its irresistible letdown and bright red, tries to arm himself with patience and a Latin rhythm to explain to Ariel, King Triton's wayward little daughter, why he should stay home and not go on a spree on the mainland. Real as life itself. In a moment, with the big voice of the crab as a connecting link, all the fish from the sea come together and assemble a sarao, not even at the April Fair. Palms, castanets and a lot of art for ... the girl ends up eloping with her friend the yellow fish. RememberThe little Mermaid? The story of this little, half redhead, half fish came to Spain in 1990 and conquered the hearts of all addicted to princess movies.

Ariel was a little different from what we were used to: disobedient, with character and willing to fight for what she believed was fair. In love with the world of humans and Prince Eric, Ariel gives the octopus witch Úrsula one of her greatest virtues in exchange for a pair of legs to run away. Will it have a happy ending? In Disney + you will not only be able to find out, but you will also be able to enjoy the sequel 'The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea' which, although not heard much in Spain, is most entertaining. Editor's word.

With a little sugar that pill they give you ...

Mary PoppinsShe was a genius and there is nothing more to talk about. Surely these days you are wishing you could pick up your house with a snap of your fingers and this song. And enjoy their laughs and infectious humor. Well, the real magical babysitter is of course waiting for you in the Disney + catalog. This year marks the 55th anniversary of the premiere of this film in Spain. More than half a century since Mary decided to land Michel and Jane's garden to end the mischief to the rhythm of their songs and give them back the joy, the imagination and the need to always think of others and to dream of a fantasy world. An optimism that, we promise, is contagious and that will make the whole family escape for a long time.

The endless cycle...

We are not going to loop but ... we would be listening to the songs ofThe Lion Kingnonstop throughout the day and we would not be able to get bored. At this point in the movie, the beginning, the Simba puppy is introduced to all the animals in the savannah. Mufasa and Sarabi, the creature's parents, leave as the monkey sorcerer Rafiki raise the newborn over a cliff to teach him well. Against all odds, the birth of the mini king will not bring more than misfortunes to the animals. A stampede, a bunch of hungry hyenas, a guy with bad slobber, and a worm-based feast with a boar and a ... is anyone in the room able to tell what Timon is? In short, a cocktail that has become the most followed, entertaining and fun in the Disney universe. On the streaming platform you will not only be able to see Simba born and accompany him on his first adventures, also, available in his catalog from day 1 are the titles' The Lion King 2: Simba's Treasure 'and' The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata '. Flat!

Maui, now I'm going to kick, someone never so brilliant ...

Never has an antihero been so hilarious. And few Disney movies are so suitable for children and, above all, for adults.VaianaIt is a lesson of life after another and his songs ... The most! The one who wants to kick the strong Maui is the crab-magpie addicted to everything that shines and this, they will allow me the license, the coolest moment in the whole movie. Under the sea, in a cave that would delight Ali Baba himself, the demigod come to less has to fight against the bad flea crab in order to retrieve his magic hook. How do they do that? Singing! Brilliant right? Vaiana is one of the youngest heroines of the Disney factory, she trained in 2016 and tells the story of a woman who loves the sea (like The Little Mermaid but just the other way around). For things of life (and for Maui's big hands) the village of our heroine is in danger, fishing is scarce and it doesn't have. Way of subsisting. To save them all, Vaiana will embark on a fast-paced adventure, accompanied by a rooster that could not be more fun and ... we are not going to spoiler you. You'll make it? Find out on the 24th at Disney +


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