August 4, 2020

Why will Nadal be world number one on November 4?

Novak Djokovic lost in the quarterfinals of the Shanghai Masters 1,000 and then announced that he would not change his schedule, that is, that this year Paris and the ATP Finals or Masters Cup will play. Skip the news: Nadal will be number one in the world again on November 4. How do you know if we are at October 11?

The ATP awards points depending on the round that is reached in tournaments. Thus, for example, for winning a 1,000 Masters, 1,000 are distributed, for being 600 finalist, for reaching 360 semifinals, and so on; in the Grand Slams are 2,000, 1,200, 720 … These points last a year, hence talk of "defending." For example, as Djokovic won the Shanghai Masters 1,000 last year, he "defends" 1,000 points and cannot score in that tournament this year, just stay as is. On Monday the 1,000 points will be subtracted for last year's title and 180 will be added for the quarterfinals of this year, hence the loss will be 820. On Monday, therefore, the ranking will be like this: Djokovic, 9,545 and Nadal, 9,225.

Two tournaments remain: Paris Bercy, from October 28 to November 3 (Djokovic defends 600 points as a finalist in 2018 and Nadal none because he did not play last year); and the ATP Finals, from November 10 to 17 (Djokovic defends 1,000 points and Nadal none). What happens is that in the ATP Finals the points are subtracted before the tournament begins, not later as with the rest. Therefore, when the list is updated on November 4, Djokovic will have 1,600 points less (those of Paris and the 2018 ATP Finals): 7,945. If he won in France this year he would add 1,000 and reach 8,945, so he would still be below Nadal, do what the Spaniard does in the city of the Eiffel Tower or even if he does not participate.

The left-hander from Manacor will reach the top of the tournament that faces the best eight of the year. Of course, I could lose it depending on what happens, hence the London event is presented with a double prize: the title of "Master" and the crown of the ATP.

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