Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Why the transfer to the Basque Country of Social Security is “the beginning of the end”

The lawyers anticipate the breaking of the solidarity system before the transfer of benefits

The transfer of the economic management of the Social Security to the Basque Country It has raised an impending wave of reactions. This agreement, discussed at a second working meeting between the new Government PSOE-Podemos and the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV), collects about thirty competences -in addition to that of Social Security-, included in the Statute of Autonomy. Indeed, it turns out to be the first time in the history of Spain that the Central Executive accepts transfer economic management of Social Security. An agreement more booed than praised. In the event that this transfer of competences is truly fulfilled, would we therefore speak of a breach in the State solidarity building?

According to the lawyers of the Social Security, this management, in the case of being carried out, “would suppose the beginning of the rupture of the solidarity of the system and of the equality of all the Spaniards in lending matter”. Also, this group claims the role played here by the parliamentary commission of the Toledo Pact, which seems to have missed both a party and the other. “It is necessary that the parliamentary commission of the Toledo Pact delimit the basic principles to which the process must be submitted ”, and address it regardless of political issues and with the“ essential consensus of all areas of responsibility involved, ”warns the body of lawyers.

A similar position to which the former president of the Government and president of FAES has been linked, José María Aznar, who ensures that this agreement is “the beginning of the end“Of” solidarity among the Spaniards “, given that it represents a further step in the” process of dismantling and weakening of the Spanish nation “. As explained by the lawyers, the decision to transfer benefits “fully affects the provisions of Article 149.1.17 of the EC that grants exclusive jurisdiction to the State on basic legislation and economic regime of Social Security.” Likewise, they mention the Constitutional Court and to the Constitution itself to maintain that Social Security is a “single and unitary system for all citizens”, which must ensure “the equality of all Spaniards in the exercise of rights and duties”.

For the moment, according to the parties involved in the agreement, the transfer of Social Security management would take place between June and December 2021. However, it seems that for Basque political training it is not enough, since according to PNV sources the economic management of Social Security is that the Basque Country “collects the fees, makes the payments and carries the flows” and, has pointed out , what the letter with the payrollshould arrive with the shield of the Basque Government or of the Basque institutions ”. Given this, it is better not to pronounce, behavior that the president of the Generalitat Valenciana has chosen, the socialist Ximo Puig, who indicates that “you have to read the fine print” and also points out that until you know the details of the agreement no can “pronounce on it.”


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