Why 'Ours 2' has been a failure | TV

Why 'Ours 2' has been a failure | TV

Ours 2 it has been one of Telecinco's biggest fiction failures in terms of audience data. The miniseries of three episodes that ends today was seen in its premiere by only 1,515,000 viewers (10.2% of the screen share), below the average of the chain. To try to recruit faithful, the network reissued it on Sunday after-dinner. The second episode, last week, fell even more of audience until the 1.194.000 spectators (9.4%). In both cases, Slaughterhouse, Antena 3 series, beat that of Telecinco. Although nobody has the key to the success or failure of a television product, there are several reasons that can help explain this stumble:

– Dispelled script

In such a short series, it is essential to engage the public from the beginning, to make it clear who is who and what is going to be told. However, the first episode showed a group of characters, many of them without presentation, that the spectator did not manage to frame until a later time. Too much character and too many parallel plots that made it unclear what was being told, only that there were good military and bad Muslims. To the story, without rhythm, it was too hard to start and did not invite to return the following week. The amount of advertising breaks that each episode has counted and the hours at which they ended, therefore, the episodes have not played in their favor either.

– Paula Echevarría, footbridge military

Perhaps the biggest problem with the series is that there is no way to believe that Paula Echevarría be a parachutist who offers to carry out a complicated mission. Always impeccable, made up and with perfect hair in any situation. Ours 2 It was the first series of the actress after joining Mediaset to participate in different fiction projects. And it has also been his first big stumble in terms of public support. In the series also do not look the rest of partners of the cast, with many familiar faces of the television world as Rodolfo Sancho, Carles Francino or Aida Folch.

Why 'Ours 2' has been a failure

– Cold and tasteless result

The set, with cold lighting and music that tries to generate a false sense of tension, does not achieve its own identity and Ours 2 It has been a very forgettable product that will pass without pain or glory. It is not that the first season is remembered as a television milestone, but at least it had the support of the public. Fortunately, being a miniseries, and although the bump was important, you can make a clean slate and move on to something else. Neither does it seem that the chain's plans were to make a new season (because, in addition, the producer with which the second part had been carried out, Melodía Producciones -participated by Mediaset-, has already been dissolved).

– The Telecinco series model

Ours 2 It fits well in the formula of the Mediaset series, which is mainly based on well-known, handsome actors who, in many cases, pass from one series to another in the chain, plots in which a love story and few risks can not be lacking. to thematic. The formula works for them because they know their audience and because they also know how to surround it at times with a wrapping that engages. Live without permission It has a lot of that model and it has worked, for example. But the repetition also exhausts. Nor do they seem willing to reduce the length of the episodes, and in fact always try to get the most out of the 70 minutes (or more) by starting the broadcast as late as possible. Facing the risk, Telecinco tries to go on safe in fiction, although among the series that have in preparation there are several in which they do seem to want to get away from the usual, as Ladies of the (h) ampa or Costa del Sol Brigade. This time, the spectators did not even give him a chance. And reason they did not lack.


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