May 13, 2021

Why Netflix has canceled 'Day by Day' (and other series) | TV

Why Netflix has canceled 'Day by Day' (and other series) | TV

"We have taken the very difficult decision not to renew Day to day for a fourth season. The choice has not been easy. We spent several weeks trying to find a way to make another season possible, but in the end it just has not seen enough people to justify another season. "Netflix has announced on social networks the cancellation of comedy Day to day. The Serie, remake of a sitcom from the seventies, premiered on February 8 its third season. A little more than a month later, his followers have been disappointed to know that there will be no further for the family of Cuban origin living in Los Angeles that starred in this program.

As it happened with the cancellation of Sense8, the Marvel series and other titles with a large group of fans on social networks, the announcement has aroused the wrath of his followers, who have turned #SaveODAAT (saved One Day at a Time, original title of the series) in one of the most commented topics on Twitter this Thursday. The company has tried to justify itself in the networks: "To everyone who feels represented -possibly for the first time- by Day to day, please do not take this decision as a sign that your story is not important. The amount of love for the series is a strong reminder to us that we must continue to find ways to tell these stories. "The explanation has only made the fans more angry.

Beyond the laughs, the result of the recording of the series with a direct audience in the most purely traditional style of the American sitcoms, Day to day He has dealt with issues as relevant as the problems of immigrants, homophobia, post-traumatic stress or the treatment of war veterans. Drama and humor were mixed in a few chapters starring Justina Machado and Rita Moreno in a series highly valued by critics. Paradoxically, some of their followers are turning to US free-to-air television networks asking them to rescue the series, a rescue that has usually worked in the opposite direction: productions canceled by free-to-air channels have been resurrected by different platforms (The Mindy Project, The Killing, Community, Arrested Development…)

However, that love of his fans and the applause of the specialized media has not been enough for him to achieve another season. Those responsible had already warned that the series needed to add viewings to stay alive on Netflix because it was on the line (the same explained in the second season, but that time the decision was positive). Netflix does not provide audience data, so fans of the series will have to believe in his word that he has not had enough viewers.

How does the video on demand platform decide which series are still alive and which are not? Actually, it is a sum of various factors. But the main thing is to keep in mind that Netflix is ​​a company who seeks benefits. In the case of one of the first cancellations of an original Netflix series, Marco Polo, the high budget of its production was a determining factor if a great return was not obtained in the form of viewings. It also seems to be influencing these decisions whether the series is Netflix production or that it is produced by third parties for the platform. That has been the case of Day to day or was the situation where they were Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage Y The Punisher, fruit of his alliance with Marvel.

But in addition, come into play the results offered by the data handled by the company what they see their users and how they see it, as explained some of the directors of Netflix in a comprehensive report on Vulture published in June 2018. Among the elements that take into account to decide the future of a program is the growth potential of the series. Also very relevant are how many spectators finish the season and the viewings in the 28 days following the premiere. If in that time a title manages to grow of spectators in a way that reflects an important potential, it has many possibilities to be renewed.

Netflix handles data about its users such as what series they see first when they enter the platform, what they do at the end of a chapter, how long it takes to finish a season, how many leave in half and how high they are at the season, what fragments they advance quickly. .. And everything comes into play when deciding the future of a series.

Neither Day to day it has been the first series canceled by Netflix and cried by its followers nor will it be the last. The problem is that these decisions remind the users of the platform that television is also a business that each chain / platform handles as it wants.


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