Why is Tom Hanks dead in the 'Partners and Hounds' series?

An image from the 1989 film 'Partners and Hounds'

An image from the 1989 film 'Partners and Hounds'

On July 21 will arrive the series of 'Partners and hounds', the iconic 1989 family film. Disney + shared the first trailer, there was a detail that attracted a lot of attention and is the unexpected death of the original character played by Tom Hanks, Scott Turner. An item that has caused many fans wonder what happened and why the meticulous detective passed away.

The trailer doesn't give many details about the reason for his death, only that The detective bequeathed his son Scott (Josh Peck) to Hooch, the giant French mastiff dog. Now, the dog that Turner senior bequeathed to Turner junior is not the original, but, like the protagonist of the series himself, another heir and successor.

The preview shows that this new Hooch is very similar to the original, which means that Scott Jr. will cause several headaches, although it will be of great help in solving crimes. On the other hand, Turner senior leaving him a goodbye letter along with the dog indicates that Tom Hanks' character knew he was going to die, which rules out that his death was sudden.

We will have to wait if Disney dares to release another preview of the series or, on the contrary, chooses to keep the mystery surrounding the death of Hanks' character on the small screen. At the moment, the progress shown indicates that the fiction will seek to maintain the spirit of its predecessor film.


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