July 29, 2021

Why is the drone flight near airports dangerous?

The Operation of the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport in Madrid this morning has been seriously affected by the overflight of a drone in the immediate vicinity of the installation. Once the existence of this device has been known, Aena and Enaire have proceeded to the immediate cancellation of all take-offs and landings on the premmises. Measure, drastic, is however more than justified from a security point of view, as explained by sources in the sector.

An unauthorized drone in the vicinity of an airport constitutes a it would be threat, say these sources. By default, these types of devices are prohibited from flying in sensitive areas such as airfields because they could cause serious accidents. “If a bird is already a problem, imagine a drone,” they explain graphically. If such an apparatus impacts the turbine of an airplane, it can cause its failure or even a fire of the same with fatal consequences. Avoiding impact is also an extremely risky maneuver. “The most sensitive areas for aviation are takeoff and landing. Pilots have to be very attentive to their flight instruments. They do it, in addition, in an area where there is a lot of traffic and little space to maneuver, so if they try to avoid a collision with a drone, they could end up colliding with another plane that was in the immediate vicinity, ”they explain.

When there is an unknown or unauthorized device, the first to give the alarm are the pilots. If the alert is confirmed, the Civil Guard is notified. If the flight occurs in a sensitive area, the operations are immediately canceled.


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