July 24, 2021

Why is the day of Hispanidad and its curiosities celebrated – La Provincia

Why is the day of Hispanidad and its curiosities celebrated - La Provincia

One more year the Armed Forces will parade in Madrid in the commemorative acts of Day of the National Holiday, but, do you know why this day is celebrated on October 12? Why is there a military parade? We tell you these and other curiosities about this day.

Why is it celebrated on October 12?

October 12, 1492 Christopher Columbus landed with his men to Guananí Island, in the archipelago of the Bahamas, giving beginning to a cultural bridge between the peoples of America and Spain that is maintained until today.

It was in 1892, when the fourth centenary of the discovery was celebrated, under the regency of María Cristina, when in a royal decree was proposed to match that anniversary with the celebration of the National Holiday. The law of 1987, which established by law the date as National Holiday of Spain, explained the reasons for matching both dates:

"The chosen date, October 12, symbolizes the historic ephemeris in which Spain, on the verge of concluding a process of construction of the State from our cultural and political plurality, and the integration of the Kingdoms of Spain in the same Monarchy, begins a period of linguistic and cultural projection beyond the European limits. "

National holiday or Columbus Day?

Although 'popularly' is known as Hispanidad Day, and is so called in some other Latin American countries, the 1987 law establishes that what is celebrated on October 12 is the National Holiday of Spain, without mentioning Hispanidad.

The national holiday was called Día de la Raza in the twentieth century in Latin American countries

It has not always been this way, in a previous Royal Decree, of 1981, by which rules were established for the celebration of October 12, it was spoken of the day of the National Holiday of Spain and Columbus Day. And before that on October 12, it had been called Día de la Raza, a name that is still 'popularly' preserved in some American countries.

The denomination of Día de la Raza is cited for the first time in January 1913 in a sheet disseminated by the association Ibero-American Union of Madrid, as an idea of ​​its president, the former mayor of Madrid and former minister Faustino Rodríguez San Pedro, to unite all Spanish-speaking peoples.

The idea came together and throughout the first decades of the 20th century different countries of Latin America began to establish October 12 as a holiday in their territories, using some as the Day of La Raza, as in the case of Honduras, where it is still used.

Other countries, such as Argentina or Nicaragua, welcomed the denomination of Día de la Raza at first, but later changed the name party: a Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity, in Argentina, and Day of Indigenous Resistance, in Nicaragua .

Why is there a military parade?

The Civil Guard holds the day in its barracks. / F. Bustamante

The Day of the Hispanidad it has nothing to do with Armed Forces Day, then, why are the Armed Forces parading?

The reason is "enhance as much as possible" the commemoration of the National Holiday of Spain and "to seek in it the full integration of all the historical and cultural elements that make up the Spanish nation", as explained in a Royal Decree of 1997 that established by law the military parade.

By virtue of this legal text, the most significant acts that were being carried out annually on Armed Forces Day were moved to October 12, considering that such measure "highlights the identification of the Armed Forces with the society they serve, uniting the brightest annual act of the same to the others of celebration of this day ".


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