September 22, 2020

Why is Father’s Day celebrated on March 19 – La Provincia

The Father’s day in Spain this is celebrated as traditional March, 19, on a date that coincides with the feast of Saint Joseph, and although this year it takes place in peculiar circumstances due to the state of alarm caused by the crisis of the coronavirusMany families will use it as a means of escape and celebration.

Like Spain, also Portugal, Italy or various Latin American countries celebrate this date. However, not on the whole planet this holiday takes place at the same time.

The origin of this celebration as we know it today, although with the peculiarities of the Anglo-Saxon world, took place in 1910, when the American Sonora Smart had the intention of pay homage to his father In recognition of the lifelong care of his six children after the death of his wife in the delivery of the last of the children, for which he prepared an important party.

This celebration was so famous that it gave rise to a event that each year serves to honor millions of parents on the entire planet.

Among the ways to celebrate Father’s Day in different places of the world, these ten curiosities stand out:

1.- The date of March 19 is the predominant date for this celebration in countries with a Catholic tradition, such as Spain and Italy, for its association with the feast of Saint Joseph, the father of Jesus according to the Bible.

2.- Father’s Day is commemorated in Spain since 1948. A teacher from Madrid, Manuela Vicenta Ferrero, received a request from a group of parents that in schools, as was done with mothers, parents receive a gift on a designated date. Ferrero wrote an article titled ‘The Spanish Teacher Training’, in which he encouraged the rest of the schools to adopt a day of homage to the parents, and he proposed for it on March 19 for his connection to Catholicism.

3.- The department stores of ‘Precious Galleries‘they wanted to hire Ferrero herself as a’ hook ‘to motivate the purchase of products designed for parents. The teacher rejected the proposal, but asked the network to hire young women from her school, ‘Santo Ángel’, to graduate instead.

4.- It was in U.S where the first tribute to the father was held. In 1910, the young Sonora Dodd wanted to pay tribute to the figure of her father, who had brought the whole family forward after the death of her mother. For this he proposed the date of June 19, the birthday of his father. In 1924, President Coolidge established that day as Father’s Day, and in 1966, President Johnson moved the holiday to the third Sunday in June.

5.-In addition to English-speaking countriesIn the vast majority of South American nations, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

6.- In Russia, Father’s Day is celebrated on February 23 and is also known as the Defender of the Fatherland Day for the contribution of many soldiers who were also parents in the Second World War.

7.- The party is deeply rooted in the United States, and proof of this is that the children return to the family home that day to be with his parents.

8.- In Germany, Father’s Day is celebrated at the Ascension of Jesus (40 days after the end of Easter), but there is also another celebration, called ‘Harrentag’, which consists of an excursion exclusively for men and in which attendees transport a car with beer and sausages to the top of a hill to taste later.

9.- In South Korea, The party is celebrated on March 8 and the usual thing is to give a carnation.

10.- In Italy There is no shortage on the table of a traditional dessert: the ‘zeppole di San Giuseppe’, a donut filled with pastry cream and fruit in syrup that is covered with icing sugar.


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