March 5, 2021

Why is 'El Gordo' the first prize in the Christmas Lottery ?, Lotera Navidad 2018

Why is 'El Gordo' the first prize in the Christmas Lottery ?, Lotera Navidad 2018

When you start buying your shares for the expectedExtraordinary Draw of the next December 22 there is something that is always in mind. And it is, it is almost impossible that one does not happen to the head what he will do if he gets to touch him 'Fat' However, the reason why the first prize of the Christmas Lottery receives this name is not so well known.

And no, although it may seem, the explanation is not as simple as it is for the amount of millions that distributes year after year. This name comes from much further back in time, specificallyfrom the 18th century. At that time a publicity character was created that finally ended up being linked forever to this lottery Navideo de Lotera.

The character was known as'El Fantico por la Lotera 'or' El Enano Fortunatoand appears in numerous books and prints of the time. His body, short and squat, was composed of the typical balls that are used in the draw and, in addition, had almost the whole body covered with numbers.

'The Lucky Dwarf'He urged people to try their luck in the navideo lottery lottery accompanied by different inscriptions. One of the most used prayers: "Of joy and money, this fortunate Dwarf, if you study him with care, I will teach you exhilarated, of fortune the path".

This gordinfln characteralso gave name to a newspaper. The newspaper was born in 1851, under the name of"The dwarf",and in his first issue I include a sonnet dedicated to the players of the extraordinary lottery draw: "Although I am a dwarf, I am not a dwarf, prodigious in knowledge of lotera, that the game for me is not an arcane, and in cbalas that I give you from this da, of fixed, as put with the hand, the team you have to see for life ma ".


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