August 9, 2020

Why is Carvajal not going to play the first League game?

Zidane has to solve several puzzles before the first League match against Celta. But there is one that is clear: on the right side he will have to play Odriozola because Carvajal is sanctioned since the last League match. The Federation was going to "forgive" the players who had completed the cycle in the last game of the last League, but the CSD has not met, Thursday is a party and Friday begins the championship, so it will not approve the modification of the regulations and will not "save" Carvajal, but neither Parejo, Valencia or Llorente de la Real Sociedad.

As reported by Iusport, this is the article for which Carvajal cannot play in Balaído: “When a competition has concluded or the club in question has been eliminated and the fulfillment of a suspension match is pending, the penalty shall be met in the next season". But the modification solved that and from August 1 gave them a freeway: “The rule of suspension for a match will not apply in those cases in which the warning with which the player would fulfill the cycle to which this rule refers, the last match that the club disputes in the competition in question takes place ”. But it won't be.

The right side position is well covered by Zidane: Carvajal is his man for that area of ​​the field, but Odriozola also seems like a footballer who can cover that area. The player who arrived from the Real Sociedad knows that this season he has to take a step forward and compete with Carvajal, the owner of that side. So far Odriozola has shown speed and good manners in attack, but has not been consistent in defense and has shown gaps in several games. He is a young soccer player, to whom the passage of time can come.

Opening in the meeting in Balaidos is good news for him. He knows that part in a disadvantaged position and play a good role in the premiere, can be a boost for his future. The sides are fundamental in the Zidane system: the coach demands verticality and presence in the opposite area, in addition to the defensive security they are supposed to be. That is why the French coach is trying tactical changes: to try to get the most out of his band men. Consider that if you play with three centrals, the sides may be closer to the center of the field and make less travel when you reach the area. That gives them more travel.

Odriozola can do that role well. He begins his second year at Real Madrid. And by circumstances it will make headline.

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