Why is Black Friday celebrated

The term 'Black Friday'  It has its origin in the city of Philadelphia.

The term ‘Black Friday’ has its origin in the city of Philadelphia.

Countdown to him Black Friday 2021. The next Friday November 26 A new edition of what is known as ‘Black Friday’ is held, a day on which brands and sellers launch their best offers and discounts and on which consumers try to get the best bargains.

Like Halloween, although with a different look, it is an event with American roots that has gradually gained weight in much of the world. In fact, according to several surveys, 3 out of 4 Spaniards admit that they will make a purchase during the campaign.

Although officially there are just under two weeks until Black Friday, the days leading up to its celebration already begin advance discount campaigns on some platforms and there are many users who make their first purchases. The reason why ‘Black Friday’ was held this year on November 26, It is because it always takes place one day after Thanksgiving in the United States, that is, the day after the fourth Thursday of the penultimate month of the year.

The origin of Black Friday

The true origin of the term ‘Black Friday’ was born in Philadelphia (USA). The day after thanksgiving its streets became a real chaos, both pedestrians and cars, and traffic jams, accidents, agglomerations and crimes in the city, already one of the most populated in the United States, were not strange.

Slowly, this day began to be called ‘Black Friday’ among the police and bus drivers Philadelphia, a dreaded and fatal day for local public services. But the merchants of this town decided to take advantage of this overcrowding to reinforce their sales: openings for a good part or all of the day and a very high activity of purchases and transfer of merchandise to be sold. A) Yes, store employees and carriers, overwhelmed by stress, they joined that denomination for this date. Word of mouth did the rest and the strategy spread throughout the country, and in 1975, an article in the newspaper ‘The New York Times’ completed this progressive popularization giving the name of ‘Black Friday’ to the appointment.

Black Friday in Spain

One of each Spaniard will make their purchases online on Black Friday 2021. ShutterStock

In Spain, ‘Black Friday’ began to be used for the first time in some advertising campaigns in 2012 and it was in 2015 when it was widely imposed, becoming one of the most important commercial events of the year.

The products of fashion and technology are some of the star objectives on ‘Black Friday’ 2021 among Spaniards. Regarding how they will make their purchases, one in two users will make their purchases online, a modality that has exploded even more with the coronavirus pandemic. Geographically, the Castilian-La Mancha will be the most budget will be allocated to purchases of ‘Black Friday’, with an average of 344 euros, followed by the Andalusians and the Aragonese, with an investment of 297 euros.


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