why he didn’t like Kroos’s goal in the Valencia-Real Madrid Super Cup

The coach did not consider it especially good

Javier Clemente is coach of Euskadi and also a football commentator on social networks. And as he has done all his life, he likes to go against it. For example, in the goal of Kroos, which everyone considers as a great goal, for the skill and precision that must be taken to put the ball there. “It is true that Kroos was ready, Valencia and the goalkeeper and that’s what happened. But to say that it is a genius to put the ball in the goal from the corner is not knowing much about football. In many trainings players play to see who scores, ”says Clemente.

Kroos has explained his goal, which has amazed almost everyone: “It was spontaneous. When I approached the corner I saw that the Valencia goalkeeper was speaking with his defense at the height of the small area, about five meters from his goal. When I left the ball, they kept talking. Then, of course, you have to make a decision quickly. The shot was fine, ”he assured Sport1.

Kroos recalled that “he had tried before” and it was not the first time he had sought the goal from a corner kick. Recently he looked for him against PSG in the Champions League. “It almost worked but Keylor Navas caught the ball at the last moment,” he said.

The German midfielder said he does not practice these throws in training and equated him with a foul throw: “It is actually the same shot as a foul or a center, the only thing you have to aim for a different goal instead of the head of a partner in the center. It is unusual for it to come out well but the shot is not the most difficult. “

Zinedine Zidane opted for five midfielders in a tactical turn that Kroos said worked well but was conditioned by the circumstances. “It was due to the situation of the team, without Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale or Eden Hazard. We tried to do our best and it worked quite well. It was only for one game but I personally like it when there are many midfielders in the field,” he said .

Finally, Kroos admitted that Bale “was about to leave” in the summer but is now one more. “He was sick and could not play, but recently he did it against Barcelona and Getafe. He gets along well and is integrated.” And he made a defense of Luka Jovic, headline against Valencia in the semifinals of the Super Cup because of the loss of Benzema, who did not take his chance: “You can not say that Real Madrid is too big for him.”

“It is clear that Benzema is our number one and it is not easy to play a game every three to four weeks and when it does it is often substituted. He is only 21 years old. I think he has the necessary qualities to play at Real Madrid, ”he said.


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