Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

Why has Roberto Leal transformed 'The man in black' into white?

Pablo Ibáñez, the famous Man in black, has gone to the target. The culprit of this transformation has been Roberto Leal, who this Saturday at 10:05 p.m. premieres in TVE a new contest called Wow crack and that it will count with the participation of the former collaborator of The anthill.

A new television journey that in the case of Ibáñez also means leaving aside its darkest part, although for that it had to take the definitive pill. “I will explain why you are in La 1: because you want to change the old for the new and you don't know how ”, Roberto Leal will start saying in a promo in the purest Matrix style.

“You want to change the old for the new”

“You already know what I'm talking about, right?”, He will question a Pablo Ibáñez still dressed as The Man in Black. “From my dressing room. You think black is old. You can help? ”, He will respond following one of the most mythical dialogues of the historical film.

“If you take the black capsule, end of the story. If you take the white one … you stay in Wow crack and I will teach you how far the capacities of the human brain go, ”Leal will continue before a Pablo Ibanez who will choose to arrive at La 1. Although,“ yes, baby aguita that is cool, huh! It's not going to be that you are attractants that we haven't started yet”, Leal will joke.

This will start the new TVE contest that arrives from this Saturday to its nightly programming and that will have the transformation of The Man in Black in Pablo Ibáñez after his popular participation in
The Anthill
. Although it has not been the only one. He also tried to demonstrate his artistic gifts in
Dancing with the stars.

This time
Wow crack
will submit contestants to tests distributed in six different areas with which to discover the brightest minds. Not only that. Also TVE viewers will finally meet Pablo Ibáñez beyond the character that launched him to fame in Antena 3. The pill for his transformation has already taken it.

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