Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Why does potato omelette cost seven times more from the field to the table?

The cost of the main ingredients to make a potato tortilla with extra virgin olive oil is multiplied by seven from the field to the table, according to the data of the Price Index in Origin and Destination of the Foods (IPOD) of September that registers every month the agrarian organization COAG.

On the one hand, extra virgin olive oil doubled its price from the price in the field to the retail price, which means that it went from a price of 2.04 euros per kilo in origin to be sold in stores to an average of 4.05 euros per kilo. On the same line are onions, which have reached a price in supermarkets almost seven times higher than the amount received by farmers responsible for the production and care of this plant. Thus, the price of the onion per kilo in origin went from 0.19 euros and to the 1.51 euros to which they were sold in the greengrocers.

Another product that adds to this revaluation of Spanish tortillas is the price of potatoes, which multiplied by six. It went from having a price of 0.19 euros in origin to 1.15 euros at the point of sale to the public, that is, 505% more. On the other hand, the eggs increased their price by 57% from the price that the farmer received on the farm (0.89 euros per kilo) to that paid by consumers in the stores (1.40 euros per kilo).

The tremendous difference between the prices in origin and those of sale to the public is one of the reasons that led 10,000 olive growers yesterday from Andalusia, Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha, Aragon, Valencian Community, Murcia, La Rioja and Catalonia to express themselves by the Streets of the Spanish capital. The group demanded "fair prices" in the olive sector and the development of certain regulatory instruments so that "they are not ruined", explained from the Cooperatives.

The secretary general of COAG, Miguel Blanco, denounced that "the packaging industry speculated on prices for its own interests, manipulating prices and quantities without control by the public administration." This situation also adds, according to the sector, the unfair commercial practices of the distribution chains, which use olive oil as a claim product, "throwing away the image of a product of excellence and participating in the downward trend of prices "in origin, they argued. And it is that olive oil has been one of the headings of the CPI that has experienced a greater decrease in prices at an interannual rate, specifically -16.5%. On the other hand, the potatoes and their preparations serve the group that has most lowered its price in September, up to 3.4% less than the previous month.

These data come after the US intention to impose tariffs on community products, among which the Spanish national product of virgin olive oil would be particularly affected. Therefore, from Cooperatives Agroalimentarias have requested a meeting with the presidency of the Council of the EU, next October 14, to seek a "forceful response" to this conflict and to be able, as far as possible, to solve some of the requests of the oliveros. In detail, the adviser of Cooperatives Agroalimentarias, Ramçón Armengol, explained that "he will claim a package of aid to support the affected sectors among which are olive oil, wine, table olives, cheeses, fruits and vegetables and the pig ".

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