August 3, 2020

Why does not Che deserve a statue?

Ernesto Che Guevara has a statue in the Madrid town of Leganés as well as a street in Getafe and Mejorada del Campo, both in the Community of Madrid. The same happens in Andalusian, Canary and Galician populations. The Generalitat organized in 2007 an exhibition to its greater glory that cost 200,000 euros. The theater hall Plot Point, in Madrid, hosted in 2010 the work "Issues with Ernesto Che Guevara" to claim his spirit and has been on the bill for eight years.

Vox does not want Che in Leganés

This mythification is a worldwide phenomenon thanks to political marketing. As Fernando Díaz Villanueva, one of his biographers, says, Che did more for the dead revolution than I live. It became a progressive icon from the 1960s whose image served to identify the New Left, which helped the famous photo of Alfredo Korda. Castroism invented a sanctified account of his life and work, hiding his crimes and incompetence. The deception has been complete. Perhaps it is logical that Cuban children, in a society without freedom, make a public oath that says: "Pioneers for communism! We will be like Che! ", But it is intolerable in liberal democracies.

Che was not a doctor, nor an economist, nor even a good guerrilla, as one of his old colleagues confessed. Nor was he loyal to his friends, nor a lover of peace. In the UN, he released that "Yes, we shot, we shot and we will continue shooting". About the press, he said: "We have to finish all the newspapers. A revolution can not be achieved with freedom of the press. " He was not a democrat either, but a violent guy since adolescence who signed his letters as "Stalin II". In one of them he confessed to his father that "I really like to kill".

In Mexico he found a way of life: become a guerrilla fighter along with the Cuban exiles. The revolution gave him his chance: after the surrender of Batista's troops he shot 23 people, and the Castro named him director of the La Cabaña prison to carry out the repression, signing 164 executions. He used to say: "When in doubt, kill him." Then he created the fields of "reeducation" for homosexuals, whom he saw as mentally ill, the product of a "bourgeois vice". In this way he imprisoned some 35,000 Cubans with the label: "Work will make you men".

The Castro gave Ernesto Guevara the direction of the National Bank of Cuba in 1961 and sank the peso. Then the Ministry of Industry and ruined agriculture and production, banned strikes, repressed the peasants, and caused the return to the ration card.

In 1965 it was a hindrance, more if he made Maoist and Trotskyist statements that contradicted Soviet dogma. They sent him to the Congo, where he failed. The Castros thought to send him to some place without return, like Bolivia, where, left without help so that he perished, he wandered without success, despised by the peasants and the communists of the place. Failed, he was found by the army and without firing a shot he came out of the bushes saying "I'm worth more alive than dead". The legend falsely tells that he went there to die for mysticism, and that he fought against elite troops, but that was not the case. He was executed and the Castro began the myth that contradicts History.

His name should disappear from our streets because the values, principles and behavior of Ernesto Che Guevara, far from representing a humanitarian and generous ideal, symbolize the worst of the twentieth century.

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