Why does C. Tangana's latest hit smash records?

A guitar riff that referred to Extreme hard in a fusion of rumba and bachata, an icon of pop flamenco like La Húngara and the sonorous magnetism of Niño de Elche, the power of the cañí visual imaginary and "the best composer in the Spanish and Latin world" are some of the keys to one of the biggest hits of 2020.

'You stopped loving me', the most recent song by C. Tangana, it only took 24 hours to become the best debut ever with 1.6 million of reproductions in Spotify Spain, one million more than the previous record (in the hands of Aitana), and 1.9 million globally, which made the song the second best world debut of the week on this streaming audio platform '.

Along with all the assets mentioned to reach such records, the capital name of Alizzz cannot be forgotten, the producer who has helped shape not only this, but many hits of the last five years in popular music in Spanish, most of them together with C. Tangana ('Bad woman', 'Too many women', 'I shouldn't have kissed you' ...), but also alongside figures like Aitana herself ('I'm staying') or Becky G ('Booty').

"Speaking of myself as a star producer would be pretentious, but I know that I am part of the change that for about five years has meant the renewal of popular music ", concedes this DJ, producer and Catalan composer really named Cristian Quirante, who likes to walk "between the avant-garde and the 'mainstream', showing that this can spread commercially and also be rewarding and sexy."

Years have passed since his first meeting with C. Tangana at a concert in Madrid in which he performed with Agorazein, his hip hop group, and they began a prolific artistic association to which another incredible budding talent was added in those early days, that of Rosalia, to revolutionize the foundations of a new way of shaping popular music in songs like 'Before dying'.

"We have an internal joke: that from here we can only go down, but we have been saying it for years and in the end something comes out that goes a little higher ", confesses Alizzz while still recognizing that" what this last song has achieved is very heavy ".

At this point, it is difficult to determine how much there is of the Madrid artist and how much of the Catalan in the continued success of C. Tangana.

"We would not be what we are without each other; he always speaks highly of me and I see him as a beast in the studio. He is the best composer in the Spanish and Latin world, more than J Balvin, because he gives everyone a thousand turns. They will do other things well, but in the composition I don't know anyone better ", he affirms emphatically.

It was precisely on a song by C. Tangana that they began to work 'You stopped loving me'. "We had that song of the type that publishes the Rock Estatal label, a lo Extremoduro, Platero y tú or Reincidentes. It wasn't exactly that but it looked like it, "he reveals.

Account that, "looking for a musical motif with a hook"It occurred to them to take as an example the song of 'Where's My Mind' by Pixies, in that the chorus is not the reference, but rather something musical.

"There came a chorus from a rumba that Pucho (C. Tangana) had had for a long time and the 'riff' became more bachatero", reveals about the genesis of that hybrid style that they have called "rumbachata" and that on YouTube It has accumulated more than 8 million views since its launch last Friday.

For Alizzz, part of the success of the theme is not a concrete fusion, but the daring to do it. "I don't think everyone is going to start doing rumbachata now, but I do believe in refreshing popular sounds, because there was a stagnation in the 'top 50' of this country and much of the world and people are receiving the good proposals, although they are very bizarre, "he says.

To complete the equation, they thought of a collaboration. "We had recorded a singer on the song when it was only Pucho and it sounded cool, but we believed that a legend of flamenco pop would give her the entity she needed and we came up with La Húngara", he adds.

It turned out that The always surprising Niño de Elche passed through the studio by chance, friend of all this combined. "He got into the studio, began to mess with the song and at the end included a little part that is key, because it gives it a point of sophistication just when it stops," he says.

As if the whole were not enough, the video clip once again empowered the Cañí culture, with new icons such as the "influencer grandfather" Andrés García-Carro, 88 years old. There are those who have also wanted to see in one of the actresses a great resemblance to Rosalía herself, with whom C. Tangana maintained a sentimental relationship, as if it were a veiled clue of who the message of the song is directed to.

"No, what goes, all these things are fortuitous and overanalysis only feed rumor mill, but I understand that they are part of popular culture," says Alizzz, stopping this interpretation. The theme, by the way, is already going on in just four days for 7.6 million views.


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