April 19, 2021

Why do not public bathroom doors go all the way down? – The province

Why do not public bathroom doors go all the way down? - The province

In our day to day we live with a host of objects that we recognize and use in a most natural way. Without hardly stopping to observe our surroundings, we focus on our repetitive daily tasks, ignoring that in everyday life interesting curiosities are hidden.

An example of this is the public baths, a place that we have all frequented, but few have stopped to decipher its secrets. And it is that, unlike what happens in private services, the doors of the public do not usually reach the ground. Thus, in the lower area there is a free strip and many times they are also discovered at the top.

But does this fact have any reason? Here we summarize several reasons why bathroom doors do not usually reach down.

Economy and cleaning

The doors that do not reach the ground are easier to build and are cheaper. In addition, they facilitate the cleaning of the bathroom, since it is easier to scrub the floor. It also provides better ventilation of odors.


One of the biggest advantages of this type of doors is safety. In case of emergency, it is easier to access the service if the latch is found. And not only is it easier to enter, it is also easier to detect if something anomalous has happened, since it is possible to see a person falling inside the bathroom.

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If the latch fails, the person inside is more likely to remain calm and not panic. You can exit from the top or ask for help through the slit below. In some cases, the bottom is big enough to crawl out.

Bad uses

A door that does not reach the ground discourages bad uses of the service, such as drug use, sexual acts and other inappropriate behaviors that require privacy and that would not be done in public.


If the above advantages have not seemed sufficient, you should also bear in mind that it is easier to identify if the bathroom is occupied. So there is no need to try to open, simply by looking below we can know if the bathroom is or is not being used by another person.


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