July 25, 2021

Why did Vinicius take the Kiko Olivas own goal? | sports

Why did Vinicius take the Kiko Olivas own goal? | sports

Jesús Gil Manzano noted in the minutes that the first of the two goals of Real Madrid to Valladolid It was the work of Vinicius José. For the referee from Extremadura, with 118 appearances in Primera, the shot of the Brazilian hit Kiko Olivas' back and completely modified the trajectory of the ball (which did not have a goal) did not change his opinion. "I was out of band", lamented Sergio González, Valladolid coach, at the end of the match. Vinicius celebrated by kissing the shield, jumping several times, and performing three times a kind of reverence to the public of the Santiago Bernabéu. For the boy, aged 18, it was as if the ball had slipped through the squad.

On September 20, 2010 Cristiano Ronaldo fouled on the edge of the Real Sociedad area. His shot hit Pepe's back, embedded in the barrier. The ball gained height thanks to the (involuntary) contribution of the defender and beat Bravo. The goal, nevertheless, was of Pepe, according to picked up Mateu Lahoz, in charge then also to direct the party. Not even Cristiano himself celebrated the goal effusively, as if he knew it was not his. Two similar circumstances with opposite resolution. Who were the goals really? According to the arbitration regulations of one and the other, because there is not a single line in which the authorship of the key element of a sport subject to constant scrutiny is detailed.

"As long as the ball goes between the three clubs is the goal of the pitcher," defends Mateu Lahoz. "You will not find the norm anywhere," warns Kike Ortiz, former referee of Segunda B (1998-2013) and secretary of the Madrid Referees Committee. And is that Spanish colleges only have a series of guidelines they receive during the annual meetings, "although it has been a long time that this topic is not discussed because it is assumed that the referee evolves with it", according to some comments. "The scorer is the one who hits the last ball with the intention of introducing it into the goal. That rebound in the barrier, in the goalkeeper, the crossbar, or the poles and others does not influence ", emphasizes Ortiz, which, however, qualifies the different circumstances by which that unwritten law can vary. "Unless it is some clear fault of the goalkeeper, who has it in his hand and puts it in the goal. Or that some player, being aware that he is going to hit the ball, introduces it to his goal. In that case, they would be self-governing. " "The obligation for a referee is only to record in the minutes who has scored, as well as the changes," adds Raúl Masso, former secretary of the Technical Committee of Referees of the Spanish Football Federation.

"If it is not regulated, the same criteria should be applied. There are players who have goal bonuses and depend directly on the criteria of an official, "says Manu Sarabia, former Athletic player, who offers the vision of the players at the field level, directly involved in this absence regulation. "Imagine facing prizes like the top scorer or the Golden Boot. In the world in which we live that kind of recognition is given great value. We should fine-tune it, "says Sarabia, who is clear about the wording of that rule. "If the trajectory of the throw leads to the goal, it's the goal of the attacker. If on the other hand, it is towards the outside and it is a detour, the one that puts it in the goal is a goal on its own goal, "he says. "It's as easy as imagining that the player he hits is the referee, if he hits him, which is a post, the goal is from the pitcher, if the player in question makes any intention to touch the ball then it is autogol" , defends the international referee Iturralde González.

In addition to the part of poetic justice or personal compensation that would have to define the authorship of the goals, there is also a directly related monetary issue. All bookmakers offer the possibility of challenging by the scorers of each game and many of them distribute their prizes based on what the members registered in the minutes.

For the time being, it is not expected that any modification will be made in the arbitration regulations that solve this gap. "Referees have enough to arbitrate", they hide. But this remains one of the few catwalks for which football continues to escape. And that has to do with the goal, its maximum protagonist.

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