Sat. Jan 25th, 2020

Why can't you turn off the location on the Iphone 11?

Although late, Apple has given a consistent explanation to the fact that the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro have activated the location for a system service that makes use of the location function of the phone and does not have a choice of individualized disconnection, like all the services that until now had knowledge. This activation is due to the fact that these new models use the ultra wide band of communications, which has prohibited use in certain places. According to the company, that detection of the place only serves so that the mobile knows if it should disconnect that frequency, without the data coming out Of the device.

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That location activation, which had no explanation until today, has been discovered this week by the security researcher Brian Krebs
An Apple engineer gave him a first explanation that did not clear most of the doubts, because he assured him that this activation of the location was a "Expected behavior" That had nothing to do with security. Hence, the first deduction was that the company had activated a mysterious service that did not offer more information, which located the mobile without being able to disconnect separately, as with the rest of the services that detect the location of the device.

The ultra-wide band gives the iPhone 11 “spatial awareness” compared to other users for services such as AirDrop

Now Apple has explained that the ultra-wide band gives the new iPhone "Spatial awareness". By understanding where they are located with respect to other users, services such as file transmission are improved Airdrive, which allows two people to send a photo or document wirelessly.

The ultra-wide band is prohibited from using, according to international regulations, in certain places

“Ultra-wideband technology is an industry standard and is subject to international regulatory requirements that demand that Turn off in certain places, ”an Apple spokesman told the technology portal TechCrunch. The company has explained that the iOS operating system “uses location services to help determine if an iPhone is in these prohibited locations in order to deactivate the ultra-wide band and comply with regulations"

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro

To clarify that this activation of the location respects privacy, the apple company has indicated that “the management of compliance with ultra-wideband standards and their use of location data it is done entirely on the device and Apple is not collecting data of location of the users ”. The company has clarified that it prepares an option to disconnect the location for the ultra-wideband in an upcoming iOS update.

An iOS security expert says he has not found any evidence that location data is sent outside of iPhone

The explanation coincides with an investigation of Will strafach, executive director of Guardian Firewall, a security app for iOS, which has indicated that they do not have "No evidence" that location data is sent from iPhone to any remote server. This expert noted, however, that Apple's delay in offering a reasonable explanation like this is a mistake.

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