January 24, 2021

Why can not you remove the battery from your mobile? – The province

Technology is advancing faster and faster and what today is a state-of-the-art devicetomorrow it may become obsolete.That has been noticed especially in the 'smartphones', a sector that isin constant evolution. And it is that the companies take out every few months mobile phones that, in the majority of the cases, leave obsolete to their predecessors and with which you enter an almost unstoppable impulse to change it at the moment.

For some years now we have been seeing how smartphones have been improving their design untilget thinner, less heavyand, in most cases, smaller. But to get to this exquisite design has had to lose something that maybe you had not stopped to think: the removable battery.

To today find in the market a 'smartphone' that has a removable battery is something that is only relegated to secondary companies. But,Why can not the battery be removed from the mobile?

The most conspiratorial will say that the so-called 'batterygate'Apple has a lot to do with this. In 2017 the company led byTim CookIt suffered a major setback when a 17 year old discovered that they used the battery of some of their iPhones to slow them down. This happened when the device was already somewhat used and forced Apple fans to buy a new phone.

Apple was accused of slowing down iPhones through its batteries. Shutterstock

And is that mobile phone manufacturers seem to have found a way, of doubtful legality, to limit the life of a 'smartphone': to make one of the components that gives more failures irreplaceable. Yeschanging the phone's battery costs more than the device itselfWhy not buy a new one?

Whether true or not, despite having lost the ability to replace them, it is clear that the new batteries of mobile phones have also brought good things.

Design improvements

The loss of the removable battery has made the new smartphones are made of better materials. The companies have gone fromplasticsthat were used forremovable covers, to other materials such as glass, metal or glass.

Water resistance

No matter how sealed the back cover is, a phone with a removable batteryIt will never be water resistant. In addition, with the uses this lid loses its characteristics and makes liquids enter the interior of the device more easily. This can also be extrapolated to other elements such as dust.

Mobile phones with removable battery are not waterproof. Shutterstock

More space for other components

Without going into technical details, it is clear that eliminating the battery and the removable housing has managed to leave more physical space for other components of thedevice, like improvements in the speaker or in the rear camera.

More efficient batteries

The removable batteries are designed in a rectangular or square shape for easy removal or placement. Today, the fact of not being able to extract them has made the batteries develop new designs capable of better coupling the device and thus improve its power. An example of this is found in the'L' shaped battery of some iPhone, a model that would be more complicated to extract.


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