July 25, 2021

Why are your ears ringing when you leave a concert? – The province

Why are your ears ringing when you leave a concert? - The province

Who has not happened. You go to a concert, you enjoy it to the fullest and when you go out and get home you get the feeling that you have the music stuck in your ears. It can also manifest in the form of a buzzing, beep or a feeling of emptiness.

The truth is that this ailment, although temporary, has a name. The tinnitus or tinnitus they are a perceptive phenomenon that consists of noticing blows or sounds in the ear and that do not come from any external source. They can be caused by a large number of causes, usually traumatic, and have as a symptom a blockage of the ears. They can also be caused by situations of stress due to studies, work, family, economic, social or exposure to noise.

But how does it occur?

Tinnitus or tinnitus have their origin in the irritation of nerve endings in the inner ear. Thus, there is an acoustic overstimulation that, once the noise has ceased, maintains the activity in the cells responsible for transforming the sound into nerve impulses.

The sound waves that arrive through the air enter the external auditory canal and make the eardrum vibrate. This vibration is transmitted to a series of ossicles that are suspended in the ear cavity medium, which is responsible for amplifying the sounds collected by the eardrum.

Tinnitus is a perceptive phenomenon that makes you notice bumps or sounds in the ear

In this way, that sound vibrates some liquids inside the snail or cochlea. The interior of the conduit that arrives there is covered by cells with hair that move with the vibrations of the liquid and transform the probes into nerve signals. Those impulses travel to the brain in the form of nerve endings.

Tinnitus or tinnitus are caused by irritation of the ear. / GETTY IMAGES

When we are exposed to a lot of sound the bones of the cochlea vibrate excessively and they cause the cells to get confused by emitting impulses when no longer receiving sound.

Although it is more than usual, tinnitus can have long-term consequences. A sound at more than 80 decibels is too much for the human ear, so trying not to expose yourself is paramount, although it seems impossible. Concerts and discos exceed this limit always reaching around 100 decibels. A) Yes, I do not hear sound so loud 16 hours after being exposed it can be a solution.

There are also those who attend this type of event with special earplugs that allow listening but that form a barrier so that tinnitus does not appear.


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