Who's who in 'The People's Queen'? So are the characters of the new Atresplayer Premium comedy

Official poster of 'The Queen of the People'.

Official poster of 'The Queen of the People'.

'The queen of the people' arrives this Sunday at Atresplayer Premium. The new comedy of the Atresmedia payment platform set in the festivities of the fictitious town of Polvaredas de la Sierra. Lucía Caraballo, Ana Jara, Omar Banana and Cristina Colom give life to the protagonist gang. Together with them, Helena Ezquerro and Máximo Pastor complete the casting of the main characters of the series created by Victor Santos. This cast of young actors will also be joined by great figures of fiction and comedy from our country such as Melani Olivares, Maite Sandoval, Canco Rodríguez, Roberto Álamo, Raul Cimas or Alberto Casado, in addition to many surprise cameos. We review the 'who's who' in 'The People's Queen'.

Lucia Caraballo is Inma

She is 18 years old and wants to win the prize of Queen of the people for her mother, for her friends, for her neighbors. Or that's what you think. Because actually, Inma wants to win for her, because she wants to be special. And it will do whatever it takes to get it.

Omar Banana is Javi

He is Inma's best friend, and this holiday season he has decided to help her in any way he can. Until Manuel crosses his path, a showman with as many secrets as charms that will disrupt his plans.

Ana Jara is Estefi

She is Inma's other best friend, and she is idealistic theoretically, although it takes a bit for her to bring her battles to reality. These doubts will make you end up questioning your greatest conviction during the holidays.

Cristina Colom is Nicole

She is a frivolous and famous influencer fallen from grace for advertising a mask that left thousands of followers bald (whom she blames). For this reason, he has decided to hide in the Polvaderas de la Sierra festivities until the storm subsides. But this storm is more powerful than she thinks.

Helena Ezquerro is Zaida

She is the daughter of the most powerful family in town and is also introduced to Queen of the town, making her Inma's favorite and nemesis.

Maximum Pastor is Rober

He's the mayor's son, Zaida's boyfriend, and the town's alpha male. They all want a piece of Rober, but he only has eyes for one. Or two.

Melani Olivare is Star

She was Miss Spain 93 and the most famous Mama Chicho of her time. He lived through the 90s and part of the 2000s with a lot of media intensity. But like any star, it suddenly went out. Now he lives doing the bowling that he can and remembering his best anecdotes. Understanding by better anecdotes events such as having shared a jacuzzi with Jesús Gil.

Roberto Álamo is Diego

He has been the mayor of Polvaredas de la Sierra for many legislatures. A convinced socialist, until in the last elections he was convinced that the only way to win was to appear on VOX.

Alberto Casado is José Luis

He's the mayor's nephew, which makes him the guy for everything. A whole that in these parties will mean being Estrella's personal assistant.

Canco Rodríguez is Manuel

He is a showman who has been visiting Polvaredas de la Sierra for many years. A town where he has left very good memories and maybe something else.

Raúl Cimas is The Town Crier

It only has one mission: to report on the day's program. But this year it will be different. This year you are going to meet someone.


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