“Whoever has not returned the tickets for the Extremoduro tour, let him wake up”

Robe Iniesta tour Spain to present his third solo studio album live:Maieutics’, an album “more guitar maker” than the previous ones and conceived as a kind of second part of the LP by Extreme hard The innate law ‘. The ex-leader of the Extremadura group disembarks with a great band – the best he has ever had, in his own words – to offer a show lasting almost three hours in which there is also room for songs by Extremoduro.

Is playing with the audience standing up an extra motivation?

We have been waiting for it for a long time. It is very noticeable that people can be dancing and moving at their own pace, which is what a rock concert is. Those sensations and vibrations that are created in front were lost. Anyway, the concerts with the seated people have not gone as bad as I thought at first. The public has enjoyed it and so have we, although it has no comparison with this.

‘Mayutica’, moreover, is quite a guitar-making record and it lends itself to enjoying it standing up.

Exactly. The album came out very well and it didn’t make much sense to listen to ‘dance like a crazy whore’ and to be sitting without being able to move. It was an incongruity. In fact, this is my most funky and guitar solo album. The arrival of Woody Amores (the band’s new guitarist) has had a lot to do with that. Your entry has changed everything a bit. Also the songs from the two previous albums.

Does ‘Mayrapeutics’ mark a before and after in your career?

I don’t see it that much either, really. Each album comes out in one way for me. Perhaps the strongest change is the type of instrumentation on the two previous albums. The guitar was played by myself and we had accordion, clarinet … This album is in a different way, more similar to what I have always done.

The songs of ‘Mayrapeutics’ were composed in 2018. When did you realize that you could be before a second part of ‘La ley innata’?

It was little by little. I don’t plan anything at the time of composing and at the beginning I didn’t know if it was a single work or 17. In the end we all saw that it made sense, although of course this is not like the second part of a movie. The two albums have things to do with it, although there are times when they talk about the same issues but from different points of view and ten years later.

Love monopolizes the lyrics in ‘Maieutica’.

Well, the metaphors are there too. In the end, each one has to interpret the themes in their own way and see what emotions they generate. But yes, love is very present. I don’t know what will come out of me when I write, but what is clear is that for something to be considered good it has to move me. I do not care if it is sad or happy, with or without a march or one style or another. If it excites me, for me it is already valid.

In 2009 he wrote his first novel ‘The Intimate Journey of Madness’. There will be more?

Yes I’d like to. It is a very grateful form of creation. Because when you write poetry or songs the moment of creation is very short, but when you approach a novel that process takes a long time and you enjoy it for much longer.

Extremoduro tour

He has managed to form a band of a great level …

For me it is the best I have had in my life or at least those are my feelings. I am very comfortable with them and enjoying a lot, and it shows. Also, I think we are more of a group. At the beginning of Extremo it was me alone, then Iñaki and I were the ones who did things … The way we now have with the band is to work all together at the venue without making demos. I arrive with the naked songs and we all start to play and experiment.

Will there be a farewell tour of Extremoduro?

Not the tour that was planned, of course. Whoever has not returned the tickets should wake up. If one day we can do it … well, I don’t know. But of course that tour is not going to be done. The promoter company did not want to wait for the pandemic to pass to set new dates, which was the only way to do it. What is clear is that we could not continue to be stuck month after month by being tied to a lifetime contract and without being able to do other things. And more with a disc stored in a drawer.

I also think that he already has the songs of what will be his next solo album.

Yes. Something good has had the confinement. I think that in general for all creators it has been a good time to compose. In addition, when such serious things happen it also helps your head to move. So I think that after all this we are going to have a nice time with many people with new jobs.

Has the pandemic crept into those letters?

If it is present it has not been willing. I have let my head fly as always … They are songs each in a way, it is not a conceptual roll like Maieutics.

When do you think that new album will be released?

For 2023. This tour ends now in November and then we resume it in May, although we still do not have dates or cities. In this interval we are going to try to record one or two new songs and get them out like that.

I have read that he listens to little music. In general or only when he composes?

In general I hear little. But there are seasons that nothing, because I think that more than enriching myself it can contaminate me. When I finish composing I do listen more to open my mind, but in general I prefer to have my head with my own music. The truth is that I am not very aware of what is done in the rock scene. What I see is that rock groups are finding it harder and harder and that is why they come out less. Now the easy thing reigns: a kid singing at home with a base made and fucking his ass. If in Spain it has always been difficult and rock has been a minority music, now things are even worse.

Do we have Robe for a while?

I hope so (laughs). When I have a song I keep getting impatient for everyone to hear it. Now, for example, I am already impatient to get to work with the new songs, and that is a good sign.

On this tour they play quite a few Extremoduro songs.

They are songs that I have made throughout my life and there are many that I love and I will continue to play. I can’t forget them like that, there is no break with everything. We take it as we have a giant wardrobe, with a lot of very cool themes.


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