Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Who would save Pablo Iglesias in case of fire?

Rivera, Casado o Aznar: ¿A quién salvaría Pablo Iglesias en un incendio?

Pablo Iglesias has faced this morning the not always easy questions of the children that are part of the interviews to the candidates that you are doing Ana Rosa Quintana in your program Telecinco. Platonic loves, savings or if he had cheated in the exams put the leader of Unidas Podemos on the ropes.

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There were many questions and Iglesias had to face without blinking the doubts of the smallest in the section 28-A: Once upon a time La Moncloa. In her, Pablo Iglesias has confessed that he had never copied in an exam "for fear of his mother" or that he was in love with a girl in BUP called Laura "who gave me pumpkins". "If you remember me, I send you a greeting from here," the political leader joked.

Another child he asked "how much money do you have?" to which Iglesias has thrown the typical "in the pocket, nothing" and on his savings he has answered: "What I have in the bank accounts you can look on the Internet, it is public." On the villa of Galapagar has only pointed out that " now unfortunately what I have is a debt of 30 years ... before I had more, now less"

An innocent question from another child asked Pablo Iglesias Who would he save in case of a fire in the Congress between Albert Rivera, Pablo Casado or Aznar? "I was visiting." The answer of Iglesias has not gone unnoticed: "A Married, because he has behaved very well with me in personal things."

"Irene and I had two premature children, he too, and he was very good to us. Although politically we have nothing to do, there is a personal affection"He said very sincerely. And if Irene Montero would be a good successor, Iglesias did not hesitate to say that "if I were president of the Government I would be very happy."

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