Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Who will win according to the polls?

On the contrary, he has indicated, with a single independence group in Congress, the total time to be able to intervene in plenary sessions would be reduced to just 10 minutes.

From there it will fly to
Barcelona, where he has reserved a Fira de Barcelona pavilion for his last meeting, scheduled at 8:30 p.m.

Only the president of the Government and leader of the PSOE,
Pedro Sanchez, which travels in a private plane hired by the party, will be in both cities on the same afternoon.

For its part,
Ana Pastor He did not answer despite being asked several times if his party will ultimately abstain in case of blockage so that the
PSOE rule, because he insisted that the
PP He goes out to get one more seat than the Socialists and then form an alternative to the left.

"I hope he finds out
Pedro Sanchez"said the spokeswoman for
United We Can, while the socialist insisted that it was something they had already agreed. "I hope you win the battle with Nadia Calviño and Pedro Sánchez," he finished.

The Citizen candidate asked her if she does not know that there are many Andalusians living in other parts of Spain. "You are trying to ridicule me with situations that many people are experiencing," Arrimadas said.

According to the representative of the purple formation, those of Santiago Abascal propose to "privatize until the flagpole" and that whoever has money will have a pension and whoever does not have it will have nothing.

He also threw in face that Zapatero freeze pensions while the
PP He revalued them despite the crisis. "Yes, 0.25," the minister accused.

Ana Pastor replied that the issue is how many jobs they create and reminded her that when they arrived at the Government they found the country "in ruins."

The political parties face the last hours of
election campaign before the desired
reflection journey and later vote on Sunday. All of them have Friday the last acts and, therefore, the last opportunity to ask for the vote.

After two
electoral debates At the state level and another organized by the CCMA, the candidates continue with their busy schedule.

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