July 12, 2020

WHO sees increasingly unlikely second major wave of coronavirus

The director of Public Health of the World Health Organization (WHO), María Neira, said this Monday that the models they work with are “increasingly” ruling out a second important wave of the coronavirus.

However, Neira has called for “great caution” and “common sense” in this “very critical” phase of the pandemic, that of the de-escalation, and, in statements to RAC-1, has requested that the population not have “or paranoia or excessive relaxation “, and” learn to live with infectious diseases. “

“There are many models that advance many probabilities. They speak from a punctual regrowth to a major wave, but this last possibility is increasingly being ruled out. We are much better prepared in all areas,” said the Spanish doctor.

According to Neira, “we have lowered the transmission rate so much that the virus will have difficulty surviving. We must be very careful to affirm if this is the end of the wave, but the data at least shows us that transmission and the explosion have been avoided the first few weeks. “

However, he pointed out that “it is worth not making many forecasts because the next few weeks are a very critical phase.”

“With the opening you have to see how the virus behaves. We hope there will be no other outbreaks, but it will be a day-to-day battle. In two or three weeks we will see what has happened and whether it is necessary to correct it surgically,” he indicated. on the de-escalation in phase 1 into which all of Spain has entered.

Neira has acknowledged that the WHO still has “certain doubts about the relationship of the virus with the weather”, although they are seeing that “it is making the geographical journey that is expected of a virus that wants to survive.”

“The immunity figures are very low. You have to be very vigilant in the de-escalation,” the specialist warned again, admitting that “Brazil is already the second country with the most cases.”


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