June 13, 2021

"Who says jam is better than trancon?" | Culture

"Who says jam is better than trancon?" | Culture

THE COUNTRY Opened this week the debate on the subtitles of the film Roma, by Alfonso Cuarón, awarded the Golden Globe for best director for the Mexican and the best non-English speaking film. The controversy arose as a result of the translation in the subtitles of the dialogues of the film that contained variants typical of the Latin American dialect. For example, it was labeled getting angry instead of getting angry, you instead of you or even mother, instead of mom. After the controversy, Netflix has removed the subtitles in Spanish peninsular. Two of the journalists who have participated in this debate with their articles in the newspaper, have also done so in the conversation they can listen to below. Juan Cruz, journalist, writer and editor and one of the founding members of EL PAÍS. Y Alex Grijelmo, also a journalist from El País, responsible for his style book and current director of the School of Journalism of El País, who, in addition, coordinates with the academic José María Merino a book related to this issue that is published in the coming days: More than 555 million can read this book without translation: The strength of Spanish and how to defend it.

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