February 25, 2021

Who is Palomo Spain?

In the middle of Madrid's Gran Vía, at the Palacio de la Prensa, Alejandro Gómez Palomo, accompanied by some models, "pigeon boys", has presented tonight the "Boys, some girls and other cookies", a documentary in which New York discovers Who is and what Palomo Spain does?

Who is Palomo Spain ?, with this question starts the documentary that addresses the creative universe of the designer Alejandro Gómez Palomo during the presentation of his collection "1916" in New York, a city that does not know him, but wants to guess who he is.

Writer ?, Boxer ?, Scientist ?. "Probably a man of the Renaissance", "the best designer in the world", "a different creative", say some of the models that appear in this short documentary, directed by Luis Cervero and the filmmaker Miquel Díaz Pont and that has been presented in the frame of the 70th edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

In little more than twelve minutes, the film shows the world of Alejandro Gómez Palomo from his refuge, his Posadas town, until his arrival in New York, a journey through creativity, sensuality and tradition, friends and family of this Cordovan designer.

Who is Palomo Spain ?, "I am myself", says between laughs, Alejandro Gómez Palomo, who has explained today to EFE that "the pigeon boy is handsome, young, fresh, with a point of innocence, he is half angelic".

The starting point of this documentary are some models, "palomo children", who arrive at the parade convocation without knowing who Palomo Spain is, quickly, they use their smartphone and discover that it is a Spanish designer, who is called Alejandro Gómez Palomo.

In this short documentary the designer recognizes that the first time they landed in New York they arrived with the purpose of launching a message "crazy, out of place, sexual, irreverent, provocative", and that was what impacted, reached the people. Now that message is part of the DNA of the brand, but in a more mature, sophisticated and refined way.

So much has been spoken of the diffused genre or the non-genre of the Palomo Spain designs that the designer explains "have gender" and remember that, formerly the man wore feathers, luxurious fabrics, high-heeled shoes, even diamonds.

Later it was established that the suit suit was the male attire. "Now we are going to try to make the process of return with a more contemporary look, without getting to dress like Luis XIV", he laughs.

He considers that the "most addictive" of fashion is to create collection after collection, discover new worlds, orchestrate new stories and tell them and then "see the beautiful boys with the pigeon suits".

It is seen as, after the frenzy and the pomp of the parades, Gómez Palomo returns to put his feet on the ground in his town, where he finds calm with his boyfriend and muse, Pol Roig.

Every day, as a "necessary routine", he goes for a walk and thinks of the countryside with his dog, Lucio, and it is on this road that most of the ideas of a parade come to him. "I always see the designs as a silhouette coming towards me."

"The collection changes a lot from the first idea, for example, I wanted to make an ethnic collection and I found my own ethnicity," says Alejandro Palomo, who says he can not resist the movement of a steering wheel or the elegance of a Cordovan hat.

"I do not want to go from the most global Andalusian, but more and more, I look back at my references, to what I have learned all my life," he adds.

The search for beauty is your obsession. "I need beauty to breathe, to live, to create, to feel."

At 27 years old, Alejandro Gómez Palomo has marched in Madrid, New York and Paris, in total seven collections, besides being sworn in two editions on the television program "Masters of Sewing", having his own book, and a documentary. Now you know who Palomo Spain is.

Carmen Martín

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